Thursday, July 31, 2008

So we begin

Mic check one, two, is this thing on? I don't plan to share this blog with many people. But I know that as we begin this journey to becoming parents, I will enjoy someday looking back over my thoughts, feeling, etc as we go along. Gary would probably kill me if he knew I was putting this out there, he doesn't get the whole internet thing. But only those of us who have made great friends across the net would get it. So, bloggy friends I am looking forward to sharing my journey. I don't know what to expect. I might not be able to get pregnant at all. I might be pregnant right this very minute! Who knows. All I know is that after years of hemming and hawing and mind changes, I feel like I am finally ready. There is never a perfect time, but at 29 & 32, financially stable and with our own home, it seems like a good time. Plus I hate my job so this means I can quit. Hahaha, really that isn't on my list of pros...well maybe it is.

Here is where we are. I have been off the pill since July 15th. I only took 2 pills in that pack. The 2 packs before that I was a mess, I don't know what my problem was, but after many many years of taking birth control, I just kept forgetting it. So, I don't know where my body stands right now. I never thought I would say this, but I am anxiously awaiting my first period, so I can get to calendering and figure out where I stand.

Now that we've made the decision. I am border line obsessed with all things baby. I already have my names picked out and my nursery theme! more on that at another time :)

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KBULL said...

I'm shocked you got this web address. I think it rocks! Taking Charge of your Fertility will be in the mail this weekend. It seriously is a great book to explain how the female body works. It talks about taking your temperature and all that but I actually got pregnant the month I decided to STOP stressing and wasn't taking my temperature. So read it to understand your body but try not to get obsessive! A relaxed Mon will make a pregnant Mon!