Friday, August 1, 2008

Is it wrong that all of this totally grosses me out?

Hmmmm, so I think this is what ovulating feels like oooorrrr I am about to have my period? I woke up this morning with a really painful stomach ache in my lower belly area. I assume something is going down in the ovaries. The pain subsided after about an hour, but that area still feel kind of sore. Seriously, I didn’t even realize how great being on the pill was. I have never had any kind of PMS and I didn’t even know it was period time most of the time, other than the fact that I was on the dummy pills. It’s also amazing to me how little I know about my body and how it is supposed to function. Since I have been on the pill for all of 13 years now, going on it in high school (insert apology to mom now (not that she is reading this), while I may have gone on the pill at 16 b/c I had big plans, I didn’t need it for a few more years), I really haven’t ever had to think much about periods and all that yucky stuff. Wow, I used parenthesis inside of parenthesis back there, that takes talent. Yes, I am still totally immature and periods are yucky and I don’t even want to fathom the day I am interested in my discharge. I mean really someday I may blog about how I am getting egg whitey, for reals. That is just gross. Actually the fact that I will even have discharge grosses me out. Seriously. Okay, I will stop now.

I went ahead and told Gary I was keeping this blog and that maybe I told my one pregnant friend here about it, oh and well this gal I know from san fran, oh and maybe my sister and mindy, but then again maybe your sister too. He didn’t get too mad, just said that I should really devote a blog to him and all his greatness. Well, the fact that I want to have his baby is saying something right? He also went on to say that I should really write about how great he is at this practice baby making stuff. Those of you who know G will get a kick out of that, he has to be disgusting at all time. Which is part of the reason I love him so much. Now if I could just figure out a way to get him to rub my feet.

We have an agreement. If it’s a boy he gets to name it, and it will be named after him. I’m not super excited about that, but it means something to him and I would never take that away from him. So to make up for it, he agreed that I get to name it (it sounds so bad!) if it’s a girl. So, here are some of my favorite names in no particular order!

(call her Elly)
Lola (gary hates)
Stella Blue (after my favorite Grateful Dead song, again gary hates)
Skylar (getting a little too trendy?)
Dylan ( I love me some bob Dylan and can totally see me dancing around the house baby on hip wailing “it ain’t me babe”)
Tela (great Phish song, not Tela Tequila!)


becoming-mom said...

Your husband sounds like a funny guy :)

Trust me, if you do end up having any problems TTC (and I really really hope you don't!) you will end up blogging shamelessly about the quality and amount of your cervical mucous!

And when you get pregnant ? You won't even believe the stuff you'll share on the internet. It's natures way of removing your inhabitions completely so that when you're spread eagle you have no modesty left whatsoever

becoming-mom said...

oops, should say "spread eagle pushing that baby out"

Tina Morris said...

I vote for Ruby, Stella Blue or Dylan! If you name her Ruby, I would have to call her Ruby Tuesday. So, if you don't like you better reconsider! Love ya!


theOvulator said...

I was going to make a witty remark about how gross your body will seem from here on out..but it looks like becoming-mom beat me to it!

Good luck on the baby making! Just remember it can take a few months to get the bc out of your system, so don't get frustrated.

Melanie said...

Okay, I have to agree with Gary on the one's that he hates, I do too. I absolutely love Skylar and Madeline (Maddy) is nice also. However, I adore Chandler(mom will like this one if she remembers), McKenzie and my favorite is Sydney. I guess you have to compromise on the Gary for the boy but Gates, after your favorite nephew would have been really great, Miles or Hayden would have worked too. However, no matter what the name we will love it because we love you!! love Ya Melanie

Mills said...

My husband's grandmother's name is Ruby. . .LOVE it!