Sunday, August 17, 2008

Joy and fears

I am so happy. I can't get over how stinking happy I am. Just overjoyed. Everything seems brighter. Everything certainly smells more. Boy have I been hit with over sensitive honker sydrome. That and my taste buds are way off. This morning I was running with my friend, yes I am still running, and I was like oooh smell that garbage and she was like "oh boy you are pregnant!, I don't smell anything". Hahah.

I have to tell you bloggy friends, I have one deep down horrible fear that is just overtaking me. I am like 5-6 weeks along, 2 weeks ago I had a cold sore, it was my second one in a month! I get them maybe once a year and I was just disgusted and pissed off. So, I went to the doc and told her she had to give me some pills to get rid of this cold sore and to have on hand for the next time I felt one coming on. Well, I asked her if I could take them when I was pregnant and she said, well there haven't been any studies done other than in animals, the animals test show it's fine. Well, I really didn't think I was pregnant at this point, I mean I had just run 19 miles a few days before! And I took the pills for 2 days, 4 of them. This would have been right around 2 weeks for the fetus age. I am so scared that those pills have F-ed up my baby. I mean it's possible right. I'm not worried about the beer I drank, b/c there was beer. Almost everyone I know seems to have drank and then found out they were pregnant and freaked b/c they had 3 beers, but the baby always is fine and I never had more than 2 drinks in the last month. I'm not too scared about the running, althought I'm sure I got overheated and they say if you get overheated, the spine and plates etc that are forming could get messed up. I am worried about these evil cold sore pills. I have googled about taking them during pregnancy and everything says you shouldn't. I am scared about that a lot.

I am on a mission to find a doctor. My gyno isn't an OB. I have a few recommendations. I do need to go get blood work this week, I took another test though (haha) and it say pregnant too. The place I go to said I can come get bloodwork anytime, but it has to be between 8:30 and 4:30 and not over lunch from 12:30 -1:30. The place is near my house. So, I will need more than an hour if I go there and I don't want to take time off of work. I could tell work I have a docs appt, but I just had one the other day and I don't want to raise anyones radar at work. I need to keep this secret until Oct when it's raise time. So, I need to try and find somewhere near my work I can go. My regular docs office is right by work, so I need to call there and see if they can do this bloodwork.


Baby and Me said...

Can you tell your job you have a dentist appoitment? That will keep them off your radar. The smell thing is only going to get more intense for a few weeks. I swear if I went into a stall in the restroom at work I sould smell the toilet water! I guess our super smeller is the only super power we will ever have!

The Salty One said...

Do you need to go in for the blood test? If you're still got another positive you're pregnant :) Just find an ob/midwif and make an appt for about a week or two and you'll be all set. And don't worry about the medicine! You're fine. Now that you know just be careful but your little peanut is resilient: if he/she can handle 18 miles I think he/she can handle an oopsy with medicine maybe befor he/she even implanted! Yeah! Still so excited for you!!!!!!!

KBULL said...

I get cold sores as well and I've taken Valtrex this pregnancy-they were prescribed by my OBGYN. Actually, I'm going to be on them daily starting at 34 weeks (1.5 weeks away-EEKS) so that I don't have an outbreak when the baby gets here and I can kiss her all I want! So DON'T.WORRY!