Tuesday, August 5, 2008

$10 down the drain

I imagine that everyone who had tried to get pregnant has done the same thing, but I must admit I've taken 2 pregnancy tests in the past month. So silly I know. There is no logical way that even if I was preggo that they stick would show me that until I am closer to my TOM. So silly. That's a good way to waste money, that's for sure. It seems with all the amazing technologies we have that something should be able to tell you you are pregnant the day after fertilization. Come on!


The Salty One said...

Make a rule now that there will be no testing until 2 days after your period is due. Make it a hard and fast rule or else you're going to drive yourself crazy and waste a TON of money!! Whoever invented the early HPT was a marketing genius! Don't get suckered in!!!! There is no benefit to finding out extremely early. You'll just have more time to go crazy waiting for your first appointment and ultrasound and stuff.

Plus it's like watching the kettle boil. It seems like while you're staring at it nothing happens but as soon as you stop staring at it it boils :)

becoming-mom said...

I had a serious POAS addiction.. the only things that kept us out of the poorhouse were the dollar tree tests! They do work, I got my BFP at 11dpIUI which is pretty early. Yes it was faint, but the line was there.


BB and MTB said...

I agree w becoming-mom... go for the dollar tree tests. Make sure you read the test w/i the 10 minute mark since they have been known to give evaps, but otherwise, it's a good way to indulge your need to pee on things. We've all done it!

Good luck!!!!