Monday, September 29, 2008

New pants already!

  • Speed Bumps, 5 woman pregnant relay finishing in 3:57! How about that! I only ran a 5K portion so I didn't contribute too much to that kickass time, but I did manage to come in a little under a 10 min/mile and that was my goal. For the most part I didn't feel very good for my run. The hand off section was very congested and confusing so I took off like a bat out of hell and was running at between a 7:56 and 8:30 min pace and trying to slow myself down. I did of course and then had a hard time getting under 9:50ish and I stopped and took a sip at the 2 water stops. I kept trying to get my breathing under control, but for the most part I felt like crap! Oh well. After my run Gary was waiting for me at the hand off area and he and I and Janet (whose team kicked ass!) headed over the the stadium to watch the finish. I found one member of my team and we hung out for awhile while we waited for Laura to finish. Laura's my hero, she is 7.5 months pregnant and ran the 7.6 mile last leg in under 1:10. How amazing is that! I'm glad she organized this it was a lot of fun. If you've never done a relay before, give it a shot, it's very well organized and easy to pull off.
  • I ran 5 times last week! On Tuesday 3 miles with Gary, Wed 4.5 with Ilana, Thursday 4.5 with Sara and Sat the 3.1 mile leg of the race and Sunday 5 miles with Ilana! I also did my ab DVD twice and my pushups most days. Woohoo. Now if I could get 1 spin class and 2 weights sessions in there (probably drop 1 run) I'd be golden! That's my goal this week, 4 run, 2 bikes, 2 weights.
  • I had to go buy new pants this weekend, already! I'm not even out of my first trimester yet! I have one more week. It was a truly depressing shopping event. But I did walk away with some good steals on a pair of maternity jeans (although I can still wear some of my jeans!) and some clearance capris and some regular long sleeved tshirts from old navy. I just want to be comfortable right now, I am sick of tugging and pulling on clothes.
  • Gary and I were walking the dogs on Sat. There is a little trail that runs a few blocks in my neighborhood called the cinder path. There is this little old lady with a wheeled walker who walks up and down the path for 2 blocks and we always stop and say hi to her. Her favorite joke is to say that Taiko looks like her b/c of the wrinkles. So, we're talking and I look down and you know what? Taiko peed on her walker. Seriously, how embarrassing is that? Good thing he's so dang cute!

Friday, September 26, 2008

TV debut

To keep extending my 5 mins of fame, hahah. Here is a link to a tv spot we did, I'm the redhead.

Oh and I ran on Thursday too! So I got 3 workouts in a row this week. So far, we have 1 ab workout and 3 runs. I really need to get back into weights asap.I really wanted to go to spinning this morning and didn't. I think I am getting sick. Ugh. The past few days I have just felt really run down and funky. Boo. Not good for the relay race tomorrow, I really want to run well. So, i thought I'd take today off.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Workouts 2 days in a row!

I finally having something to blog about on my workout blog! Imagine. I worked out! 2 days in a row! So, last night I got home from work and cleaned the house and took the dogs for a walk while Gary worked on grinding up more sticks from the storm. Then we headed out for a 3 mile run! And I actually ran it in under 30 mins. Now to most of you that's nothing. But I have been running a steady 10:30-11 min mile since this pregnancy started. I've also mostly been going out on 6 & 8 milers with my friend who is training for a marathon, so we ran slow and steady. I knew I was only going out for 3 so I tried to kick it up a notch. It was gorgeous out and perfect running weather. We ran from our house up to Shaker Lakes and back. The second half is a steady incline that really got me out of breath. It's amazing how quickly I end up panting now when running. I read it's actually b/c I am taking in more air and my lungs are working more efficiently and harder. Who knew! I was able to do some strides around a 9 min mile. This gives me hope that maybe I can do my 5K Sat in 27 mins. That would make me really happy. I finished the evening off with one of my favorite activities - watching The Biggest Loser! I freaking love that show.

Then I got up this morning at 6 and met my friend Ilana for a 3.5 mile run. This one didn't feel quite as great. I was having some stomach issues though so I will blame it on those. I had to take a few walks breaks near the end b/c I was feeling light headed, I think I will have to eat now before morning runs. When I got home I took Taiko to the vet, he's having kidney problems, which I haven't blogged about, but it's a huge grey cloud in my life, kidney problems usually only get worse and once a dog has kidney problems you pretty much know what will be the end of them. Hopefully we can eek out a few more years with some herbal supplements that were recommended to me. But onto happier subjects. After the vet appt. I drove out to the towpath and met 3 of my other Speed Bump team members and the Ohio news Network did a spot on us. It's supposed to be on tomorrow night for the evening news. Fun! I will get a link to it when I can.

Monday, September 22, 2008

5 mins of Fame

You can read the article on Team Speed Bump here -

I haven't even read the article myself yet b/c of internet filters here at work, grrrr. We all met up for the first time on Thursday night and met the reporter. I hear he took some liberties with the quotes, but all in all it's a good article. It was nice to finally meet my teammates, as I only know one of the other runners - Salty, her blog is in my blogroll, the last one. I think the relay will be a lot of fun and it'll be interesting to see what our time is. I am only running a 5K and am worried about it, I really hope I can pull off under a 10 min mile, it's been so so so long since I've only ran 3 miles. I tend to always run at least 5 or 6 and haven't tried to run fast since I got pregnant, and really not for a long time before that b/c I was marathon training. Not like our time Saturday matters, but it would be nice to have a solid 26 min 5K instead of a 33 min one! But I'll just see how I feel.

I went home this weekend and helped my sister work a booth at the Constitution Square Festival. You can see her wonderful jewelry at I beleive she has everything off of her site right now b/c she didn't want to double sell, but check back later. Her booth was a hit, she sold so many scrabble tile pendants and everyone was just raving over her. She really is amazingly talented, I have no crafty skills at all, but she can make cards, scrapbook, knit, make purses, jewelry and so much more. Me? I run! And I read a lot, I can't make anything with my hands! Oh well. I can live vicariously through her and hope to make this an annual event. Next year I will have a baby in the booth with us!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, the appt Wed went fine, other than the fact that my appt was at 2:15 and they didn't take me in until 3. I was livid. I am horribly impatient anyway, but when you are trying to not take any time off work and just use the hour you are allowed for lunch, oooohhhh stressful. Gary came along. Once the doc got in there it was fine. Very quick. It's amazing what a difference a few weeks make, the baby totally looks like a baby now, I can see it's little head and nose. The doctor said I'm somewhere between 9-10 weeks and I am due April 22. I still thought I was further along, but oh well, I'll be further along in no time. I got back in 2 weeks for another appointment and in 3 weeks I get that First Scan test done that checks for downs, etc.

Tonight we are meeting a reporter from the Akron paper. I am doing a relay at the Akron marathon with 4 other pregnant ladies, they want to do an article on us. My 5 mins of fame! Exciting.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

U/S day!

Yeah it's ultrasound day, I can't wait. I get to leave work at 1:45 and head to the doctors. Today G gets to meet our baby! I had quite the scare yesterday. Gary called me and told me the OBGYN had left a message on the home machine to call the office. He thought nothing of it, but I went immediately into panic mode, Doctors never want to speak you unless something is wrong! I had just had my bloodwork done, so I started imaging all kinds of bad stuff like I have Aids or I'm a CF carrier, etc. But it turned out I just have a bladder infection, I can't believe it took them 2 weeks to tell me that. I am on anti-biotics, which they said was okay, it's a kind I've never heard of before. I don't like the idea of taking them, but don't like the idea of having bacteria in my pee either, so oh well.

I had a brain fart and said in a previous post that I got my first gift in the mail and that wasn't true! My wonderful friend Jane, who had her first baby in June - a boy, sent me a gift as soon as I told her I was preggo, it was some onesies and blankets and they were the first thing that went into the Munchkin's dresser, I had to correct that. She's the best and I'm glad she went first so she can teach me everything I need to know. She also very generously gave me a big box of her baby's infant clothing b/c he's already grown out of them and some maternity clothes. Here is her baby in a robot onesie I got for him! Isn't he a cutie. Love you Jane!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My running is really stinking right now. I assume it’s due to being pregnant. My legs are just so achy and my hips and back hurt. I think I need new shoes as well. I ran 8 yesterday with some friends, it was supposed to be 11, but at mile 5 I just couldn’t hold the pace anymore and it was a sloowww pace. So, I bailed and ran/walked 3 on my own. I sure hope in a few weeks I am able to run with a little less effort. It was really humid yesterday though.

This is the week I get another ultra sound! I am so excited. We go on Wed. I'll get my "offical" due date and find out really how far along I am, I think this is week 11, doc thought 9 or 10. Then I will let everyone at work know. We also got our first gift in the mail, a gift card to Baby’s R’ Us. I can’t wait to go buy something!!!

I am also going home this weekend and I'm sure my mom will be pretty excited to see my sonogram!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh my poor chubby butt

Oh bloggy friends I made the worst mistake today and am paying for it. I got up late, later than usual and rushed to get dressed. I put on a black wrap sweater with a tank under it and some brown dress pants. At like 7:57 (I leave for work at 8) I decided the dress pants were pulling too much on my thighs and I had a panty line so dammit I was just putting jeans on. So, I ran upstairs and put on this cute pair of black jeans that I have, did a few squats and thrusts to stretch them out and ran out the door. In the car, when I realized the jeans were totally cutting off my air supply I started to panic. Should I turn around? No I can't turn around I'm almost to work. Oh how I wish I had turned around. My jeans are so tight and show no sign of comfortably stretching out, I have a camel toe and a bad wedgie and I am miserable. I don't want to get up from my desk. Thank goodness I only have 1 meeting today, so I will try and avoid everyone at all costs! I was a bit upset, but I am over it, so I can't wear my size 4 jeans at nearly 3 months pregnant. Oh well! I am tempted to go to Target at lunch and see if they happen to still carry these jeans and buy a size up!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's what time!

You know what doesn’t work well for me right now? Getting up at 5:30, I keep trying and keep failing. Either I wake up and just feel like I got ran over by a truck or I am nauseous and I crawl back into bed. I have a real aversion to working out after work. It just leaves too many things to interfere. I NEED to work on in the morning, yet I can’t seem to do it. What to do? I am probably only getting in 3-4 workouts a week right now. Which doesn’t work for me. So, I think what I will try is getting up at 6:30 instead. That leaves me with about 30-45 mins to work out if I can be ready to work out by 6:45. This will no longer allow me to run with anyone in the morning, but I am tired of bailing on my running partner anyway. If I can do this at least 3 mornings and have a good workout on Sat & Sun and maybe a good evening run once during the week I should be fine, right! Right? Ugh.

I feel awful today by the way. I have been much more nauseous this week. Still haven’t thrown up, but feel on the verge. It makes it hard to be at work and want to get on the phone or sit in a meeting. It could be worse though, I keep telling myself it could be a whole lot worse.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cats out of the bag

Happy Monday Preggo Bloggers. I am feeling yucky today. Ugh. I started feeling green yesterday and still do. This would be week 9 for me. So, maybe I am not going to get through this first trimester without morning sickness, we shall see. I really thought I would throw up this morning. Luckily I didn’t.

I told my boss. I just couldn’t take the secret anymore. He has 7 kids. He was really happy and I told him I wasn’t ready to tell everyone yet and he said my secret was safe with him until it was time to tell. I told him after my u/s on the 17th I’d be ready to spill the beans. It feels so good to have that off my chest. He asked me if I knew my plans yet, if I thought I’d be back. I told him I hadn’t figured that part out yet, but that I would probably be back.

I ran this weekend with Salty, we did 6 miles in the rain and it felt good. I meant to run again on Sunday and got a case of the lazies. I feel a lot less bad about missed workouts now that I am pregnant. I have lived the past 4 years basically going from one training schedule to the next. It’s really nice to just relax and not worry about it. I could get used to this J But won’t. I need to get back into the pool and work on my swimming all winter while I’m pregnant. Then if I can pull it off there is a HIM next Aug I’d like to do. That’s only like 3.5 months post partum so I don’t know if it’ll be possible. But it’s something to shoot for. If not I will at least do the oly, I only got through 2 sprints this year b/c my swimming didn’t come together. I got freaked out in the open water. Maybe after having a baby rip open my hoohah, a lake snake won’t seem so scary.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Shhh...don't wake the sleeping beasts

Here’s pretty much how my mornings are going for the past few weeks. Wake up at 5am, have to pee soo soo badly, bladder full to the brim. Yet I lay there and I fight it. I don’t want to get up b/c if I get up the Wonder Twins (Mushi and Tai) get up and that means I have to traipse downstairs and out into the yard with them and stand there for 10 min while I beg them to please come back in the house as you’ve already peed on 20 things. So, I lay there and I hold it and hope I can fall back asleep. When I should really just get up b/c the 15 mins I will be up will be less than that time it takes me to fall back asleep due to full bladder. Things make no sense at 5 in the morning. I have successfully been holding it until 7am, but I really need to stop! It’s amazing how even in early pregnancy you have to pee so much. I thought that only happened once the baby started sitting on your bladder, but boy was I wrong. I read in my book – Exercising Through Pregnancy – that as soon as you are pregnant all of your bodily functions just go into overdrive. You sweat more, you breath more, you pee more, you sleep more, you eat more, etc. Crazy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

8 weeks

Okay seriously. I am already showing. Big time. The scale says I've only gained 4 lbs, but I feel like it's so much more. Although I was about 10 lbs overweight to start with. This is going to be really tough for me, gaining weight, I mean of course I know it's for the greater good, but I have pretty negative body image as it is, so gaining 30 lbs is just going to be tough. Ithink I can handle the belly fat, but the thigh/butt area will really be tough. But I do want to post belly shots along the way. Here I am tonight. Basically the blubber layer on top is new and I feel like I am totally pooching out. Crazy. Oh and believe me, normally my boobs don't even stick out!

Hips of pain

Starting last week I noticed that my lower back was really bothering me. I said something to my friend who just had a baby and she said that it happened to her in early pregnancy too and her doc said it had to do with your pelvis expanding and then in my Week by Week book it said some people can get sciatic nerve pain early on. Well, now it is my back and my hips and it freaking hurts. My hips have been hurting so badly since I ran this weekend. I guess the 11 miles on Sat and the 6 miles on Sunday were a lot of pounding. We were walking the dogs last night and I stopped b/c I got this sudden jolt of pain like my hip has popped out of place or something. Ugh. Did this happen to any of you?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To Tell the Truth

I am still just floored that I got to hear the heartbeat! I cannot wait until my appt on the 17th. I think after that appt. if everything looks good, I will go ahead and tell my boss, then maybe wait 2-3 weeks to tell everyone else here. And post on my other blog. I am so eager to tell my other bloggy friends, especially since I only know like 6 of my readers in flesh in blood. But like I said before, one reader dates a co-worker and I am not ready for work to know yet, so I am better safe than sorry. I want to tell b/c I find myself lying and I hate that. People ask me how my training for the full Akron marathon is going and I just say fine, yadda yadda. Someone asked me if I was to taper on Sunday or if I had one more long run and I had to fib and I hate that. Speaking of running, baby and I had a nice 11 miler on Sat and a 6 miler on Sunday. But my back is killing me now, so I think I overdid it. My hips and back have really been aching.

Speaking of Sunday I got to go to a baby shower for my friend L, her blog is in my blogroll – the Little One. I have always loved baby showers, but I love them even more now. I totally found myself tearing up as she received such lovely things like handmade blankets from her grandma and a bib that said I love grandpa. My dad died this year and it’s in the back of my head constantly that my child will never get to meet his grandfather and that makes me sad. My dad liked babies. I never had strong relationships with my grandparents, but I hope my baby does. He gets 3 grandma’s since G’s parents are divorced and one grandpa and one boyfriend of his grandma, whatever you call that. And it’s hard b/c I live 6 hours from my mom and sister. I hate that. It’s not how I pictured things when I was younger and I thought about having a family. I always thought I’d live closer to home. It’s all very depressing when I sit and think about it, but all I can do is do the best I can with what I have. I just feel sad for my mom b/c I know she will want to be around more and it’s such a long drive. Oh well, such is life. I’ll quit being depressing now.

On a funnier note. I got drawn into youtube this weekend and found myself watching videos of babies moving in bellies. Gary had no idea that you could actually see the baby move through the skin and it totally grossed him out. It was priceless. I also started watching a few home birth and water birth videos, but stopped that pretty quickly, I think I am better off never seeing any births, it just makes it scarier. Although the water births look kind of nice. Minus the part where you float around in a bloody pool afterwards, yuck.