Wednesday, September 17, 2008

U/S day!

Yeah it's ultrasound day, I can't wait. I get to leave work at 1:45 and head to the doctors. Today G gets to meet our baby! I had quite the scare yesterday. Gary called me and told me the OBGYN had left a message on the home machine to call the office. He thought nothing of it, but I went immediately into panic mode, Doctors never want to speak you unless something is wrong! I had just had my bloodwork done, so I started imaging all kinds of bad stuff like I have Aids or I'm a CF carrier, etc. But it turned out I just have a bladder infection, I can't believe it took them 2 weeks to tell me that. I am on anti-biotics, which they said was okay, it's a kind I've never heard of before. I don't like the idea of taking them, but don't like the idea of having bacteria in my pee either, so oh well.

I had a brain fart and said in a previous post that I got my first gift in the mail and that wasn't true! My wonderful friend Jane, who had her first baby in June - a boy, sent me a gift as soon as I told her I was preggo, it was some onesies and blankets and they were the first thing that went into the Munchkin's dresser, I had to correct that. She's the best and I'm glad she went first so she can teach me everything I need to know. She also very generously gave me a big box of her baby's infant clothing b/c he's already grown out of them and some maternity clothes. Here is her baby in a robot onesie I got for him! Isn't he a cutie. Love you Jane!


theOvulator said...

If you want to lessen your chances of getting a UTI again in the pregnancy go to the pharmacy and pick up Cranberry supplements. Something in the cranberry actually keeps bacteria from multiplying. I got a bottle of about 150 capsules and took them while on the antibiotics when I got my UTI in the first trimester and just took them until the bottle ran out. Never had a repeat. I did this because they're (UTIs) pretty common in pregnancy because our hormones cause muscles to relax - which include those that close off the urinary tract.

N.D. said...

mm I wonder if just eating cranberries helps too. That's weird. Glad everything was ok and the u's went well!! My 20 week one is oct 1, I can't wait!