Monday, September 8, 2008

Cats out of the bag

Happy Monday Preggo Bloggers. I am feeling yucky today. Ugh. I started feeling green yesterday and still do. This would be week 9 for me. So, maybe I am not going to get through this first trimester without morning sickness, we shall see. I really thought I would throw up this morning. Luckily I didn’t.

I told my boss. I just couldn’t take the secret anymore. He has 7 kids. He was really happy and I told him I wasn’t ready to tell everyone yet and he said my secret was safe with him until it was time to tell. I told him after my u/s on the 17th I’d be ready to spill the beans. It feels so good to have that off my chest. He asked me if I knew my plans yet, if I thought I’d be back. I told him I hadn’t figured that part out yet, but that I would probably be back.

I ran this weekend with Salty, we did 6 miles in the rain and it felt good. I meant to run again on Sunday and got a case of the lazies. I feel a lot less bad about missed workouts now that I am pregnant. I have lived the past 4 years basically going from one training schedule to the next. It’s really nice to just relax and not worry about it. I could get used to this J But won’t. I need to get back into the pool and work on my swimming all winter while I’m pregnant. Then if I can pull it off there is a HIM next Aug I’d like to do. That’s only like 3.5 months post partum so I don’t know if it’ll be possible. But it’s something to shoot for. If not I will at least do the oly, I only got through 2 sprints this year b/c my swimming didn’t come together. I got freaked out in the open water. Maybe after having a baby rip open my hoohah, a lake snake won’t seem so scary.


jessica said...

Hey, are you by any chance known for being impatient? ;)

Honestly though, I'm all for telling people earlier than the whole 12 weeks rule. I know people say "well what if something goes wrong, then you have to tell everyone," but I've been on that side too, and it's no benefit to have it be a big secret.

People will probably tell you the HIM 3 months postpartum is optimistic, and sure it is, but everyone recovers differently. I felt 100% a couple of weeks after my daughter arrived (except for the sleep deprivation, of course), and my running was really only limited by trying to wait until she was less "floppy" to use the jogging stroller at 3 months. But shhh, I jumped the gun on that one too -- our stroller is so smooth, it really didn't bump any more when I started running rather than walking.

Good deal avoiding the "morning" sickness so far!

Baby and Me said...

Oh I am so happy you were able to tell him. It is a nice thing to get off your chest for sure.

Mama Simmons said...

Are you talking about the Greater Cleveland Tri in Aug? There's a good chance I'll be there doing that one next year! My baby will be 10 months by then... Thinking it may be a good chance to combine bringing baby to see family (mostly in Hudson) with doing the race. Will probably just depend on how I feel about traveling so far with a 10 month old... That might be more challenging than a 1/2 IM!! Anyway, would be cool to meet you! :)

N.D. said...

That's great you were able to get that off your chest, yay!! I know what you mean about taking days off. And I signed up at least to run boston 2 months postpartum, we'll see! Other than that, I'm definitely walk/running the Broad Street Run (10miler) 2.5 months postpartum (even if hell freezes over!) You are doing great. Keep it up!

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