Monday, September 15, 2008

My running is really stinking right now. I assume it’s due to being pregnant. My legs are just so achy and my hips and back hurt. I think I need new shoes as well. I ran 8 yesterday with some friends, it was supposed to be 11, but at mile 5 I just couldn’t hold the pace anymore and it was a sloowww pace. So, I bailed and ran/walked 3 on my own. I sure hope in a few weeks I am able to run with a little less effort. It was really humid yesterday though.

This is the week I get another ultra sound! I am so excited. We go on Wed. I'll get my "offical" due date and find out really how far along I am, I think this is week 11, doc thought 9 or 10. Then I will let everyone at work know. We also got our first gift in the mail, a gift card to Baby’s R’ Us. I can’t wait to go buy something!!!

I am also going home this weekend and I'm sure my mom will be pretty excited to see my sonogram!


KBULL said...

Sorry about no updates. We had quite the scare last weekend. I went into pre-term labor and I've been on "modified bed-rest" or "taking it easy" as my doctor put it. I basically have to sit on my butt until I hit 37 weeks which is this upcoming Sunday. IT SUCKS. But I'll do it to keep this little munchkin in and healthy.

Jane said...

Ah, that would be your SECOND gift in the mail. That's cold, Monica.