Thursday, October 30, 2008


I had a doc appt today, nothing exciting, just a check up. I am u/s spoiled and wish I could have gotten one, but I did get to hear the heart beat. They also gave me a flu shot, ouch. I am such a baby, I want to cry whenever I get a shot or my blood drawn how will I ever have a baby?

My mom is in town for a few days. I think her and I are going to go to Baby's R Us and do the registry on Sat. I am looking forward to that. I got opinions from a few friends on the must haves. I am getting a lot of hand me downs so we are lucky in that sense. My in laws are giving us their crib, my mom has an awesome cradle. My friend Jane who had a baby in June is giving me some stuff that her child doesn't like, that hopefully mine will (swing!!!). So, I hope to keep my registry list streamlined and only get what we need. I think I will just register at BRU for now. Once i know the sex I will probably register for bedding at Target b/c they have the cutest stuff.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to reality

Hi Bloggy friends. Back from vacation, you can read a recap over at We had fun and I made it through the half marathon 14 weeks pregnant. Not bad right?!? I felt totally fine most of the time, but I did have some tenderness at the bottom of my stomach afterwards, I'll definately be cutting the long run distance down now.

Feeling pretty good. I have a check up on Thursday. My mom is coming to stay with us for Halloween so she is going to go with me and meet my doc. I am for sure out of the first trimester fog now, thank god. But everynight I wake up around 3ish with the most painfully full bladder. So I get out of bed and got sit on the toilet and nothing happens! I have to push and a little stream will come out and then eventually I will be peeing. Is that normal? It hurts a little at first and once my bladder is empty it still feels a bit sore. I had a bladder infection around 8 weeks and took some antibiotics, so I don't think it's that....wierd though.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

almost time to get away

One more day of work and then freedom! Gary and I are going on a week vacation starting Sat. We are flying into San Francisco and then taking highway 1 up the coast to Humbolt CA. We’ll stay there Sat night, then Sunday we will wake up and run the half marathon at the Ave of the Giants marathon. That should be pretty, or really boring, trees might get old after 30 mins or so, I hope not! Running has been slow, slow, slow, but I’m still getting out there, so I think I will be fine. We’ll then grab some lunch in northern CA and head to Medford OR where my sister in law now lives. We’ll stay with her for 3 days. We are going to go to Crater Lake, other than that I’m not sure what we will do, but we’re planning on lots of hiking. On Thursday G and I will head back down to San Fran and stay there for 2 nights. We haven’t been on a week vacation since our honeymoon 4 years ago. I am going to miss my dogs L But luckily a good friend is going to stay at our house and sleep with them so they don’t get lonely.

Last night I met Salty and we ran about 3.5 miles, it started to rain and got too dark. But we had fun. After that I power cleaned my house in prep for my friends stay. I still have some work to do. Nothing feels better than a really clean house. Tonight I am meeting some friends for dinner, but when I get home I have to finish up and tomorrow I will worry about packing.

Oh and get this the AKron marathon sent the members of team speed bump onesies and a thank you note. How freaking thoughtful is that. I will definately run at least the half there next year. What a great race.

Monday, October 13, 2008


It's a Monday for sure. I ran twice this weekend, lifted weights and made it to spin/ab class this morning. Although I just learned that after your first tri mester any ab work on your back in a big no no. Glad to read that b/c I hope to get back to spin class now 3 times a week and we always do abs afterwards. It's a no no b/c you can block the blood supply to the baby. There are other ab exercises I can do though and the 2 articles I read said crunches on the ball are fine as long as you put it higher up your back.

I am trying not to let it get to me but things are so bad at work. We work in teams and we just lost our best developer and best quality assurance analyst. Both had been here for over 5 years and had invaluable knowledge. The developer is already done with his 2 weeks and the QA gal just put her notice in. Our team was already down about 4-5 people and now we are really going to be hobbling by. It makes it hard to want to come to work. On top of that, one of our team members who worked from home and has been sick for awhile finally lost to her cancer last night in hospice. She was a wonderfully nice lady with a beautiful family and she lived on a farm full of animals that I'm sure will miss her too. I wish I had gotten to know her better. It puts things into perspective that's for sure. Life is too short.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The first 3 months

So, I've made it throught he first 3 months Munchkin. I must say I had my doubts the whole time that I could do this. It just seems like some wierd science experiment. I just kept expecting to go to the doctors and you'd be gone. But I've gotten to see you 3 times so far! You've gone from a little round sac to a full blown baby that wiggles and sucks it's thumb. The doctor said a wiggly baby is a healthy baby. That's good to know since I've been doing pretty much the exact opposite of what I should be doing. Instead of feeding you leafy greens and fruit, I've been filling up on wendy's chicken sandwichs and mcdonalds ice cream cones! I haven't had any real cravings, but eaten way too much junk food b/c I just don't feel like cooking. I did give up coffee though and have had only a few diet cokes along the way.

You came on like a sleep filled tornado from day 1. I cannot get enough sleep and I am really getting sick of that! Due to this my workouts have been sporadic at best. I went from the best shape of my life while training for a half ironman (I was biking 40-50 miles on the weekend and running for an hour after!) to about 15 lbs overweight (Mamma was already 7 lbs up from where she should be before you even came around! oops). Surprisingly I am not freaking out. I don't mind my gut, now that it's getting more round and everyone knows I'm pregnant, not just getting fat :) The big boobs are interesting as well. I kind of love being pregnant, I don't mind it for a moment. 6 months will fly by I am sure and I cannot wait to meet you. I have been very lucky to have no morning sickness, although I've felt fluish for the past several weeks. Hopefully as I step into our second trimester that will ease up a bit.

In just a weekMunchkin you will take your first cross country flight. Probably your last for awhile. We're going on vacation and we're going to run a half marathon surrounded by the redwood forest. It's going to be great!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

12 weeks

Okay so today I am officially 12 weeks along, time to start telling people. Haha. Considering I started showing so early I don't know how I would have made it to this point w/o telling people. Seriously in clothes from the side, you can totally tell. They say short people show sooner, I guess its true.

I have felt like ass this week, sick to my stomach and dragging, I've been asleep by 9 every night. I have clients on site and also a bunch of work fires, so I have been going non stop and horribly stressed. I try not to get stressed out, but it's so hard when your job is dealing with angry clients all day. Which is unfortunately what my job has become. I cringe everytime the phone rings. I almost cried 2 times already this week. I am so ready for vacation. In 9 days I will be landing in San Francisco. Thank you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

11 weeks 5 days actually

Well I thought I was through the first trimester, but today the doctor told me I was 11 weeks and 5 days. So, on Thursday I will be at 12 weeks. But does that put me through the first trimester, or do I have to get to 13 weeks first? My brain can’t figure that sort of thing out.

Today I had a nuchal translucency test. It was fine, an u/s and a bloodtest. The measure the neck folds on your baby and you don’t want to be near 3mm, my baby was at 1.2. So, my risk for downs, tri 18, etc should be pretty low, but I have to see what the bloodwork says. I had my first successful belly u/s. It was really neat b/c they had a flat screen on the wall in front of you and you could see the u/s there. It was long b/c they took all kinds of measurements, so I got to watch my baby wiggle around for at least 5 mins, it was great. The doc said my baby was very wiggly and that’s a good sign. It was sucking it’s thumb and moving it’s arms and legs and twice it just kind of bounced up in the air like on a trampoline. I got some big u/s print outs, like 8 x 10! That was fun. One has the hand waving and the u/s lady put some text on there that says hi everyone. Too cute. I can’t wait for the sex u/s on the 11/24. I have another doc appt on 10/29, but don’t know if I will get another u/s or not.

I am very nervous about my insurance. The doc just told me that he usually has his patients get the test and asked if I wanted it and I said would my insurance cover it and he said most of the time they do. So, I decided why not, the more info the better I figure. So, I called my insurance and the first lady told me it was covered, but I didn’t get her name and G told me I should call back. The second lady thought it was covered, but wasn’t really sure so she sent me a page from their handbook. I asked her if in her interpretation it was covered and she said yes. So, I went ahead and got it. I sure hope we don’t get stuck with the 2500 bill.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

12 weeks, yikes

Big difference since last time!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Phew I did it

I ran 12 miles today. I wasn't sure I could do it. I haven't ran over 8 miles in about a month. So, I was able to get through it and felt pretty good. I have a half marathon in 2 weeks and I have been pretty worried I wouldn't get through it. But I did. We started at Station Bridge this morning at 8:30 and it was COLD and foggy and kind of surreal, but by the end of the run it was a gorgeous day. I got a kick out of seeing all the wooly worms that have come out. Fall is here.

I ran 6 miles on Wed night, but I was pretty sick Thurs & Fri and just took it easy. So, my tally for this week is one spin, 2 runs and 1 ab DVD. Not quite what I was looking for, but better than nothing. I will run or spin tomorrow, but I didn't get the weights in. This week was pretty tough. I didn't feel good and I was a bit of an emotional wreck due to some work stress among other things. I am through my first trimester now and I am ready for that supposed burst of energy I will getting soon.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ugh I felt so so sick yesterday, well and the day before and still do today. I think I am sick, I don't think it's just pregnancy. But I was feeling very lazy and got in bed at 6:45 and stayed there. I was asleep by 9, but didn't wake up feeling super refreshed or anything. I was on youtube and watched some slideshow videos of pregnancy belly progressions. They were so neat, I can't believe I am going to get that big. I watched a few birth story videos too, those made me teary eyed. Starting this week I will take a belly shot every Sunday, I want to have a record of this, it is so amazing when you patch them all together to see how much you change! The videos totally made me cry, just from the baby stuff, but also b./c I miss my dad (he died in Jan). Well he died the funeral home put together this great video of all these photos of him with music behind it and one of the songs was this stupid country song by Rascal Flats about Jesus and it was on one of the progression videos, so now every time I hear that song (as well as the other songs on his video, I am totally ruined now by Fire and Rain) I just bawl like a baby. So, I sat in bed and cried and missed my dad and got really angry that he's not here for all of this. Then I watched Sara Silverman videos and got cheered up. Then I tried to watch the debate, but got depressed by that, so I decided I better just go to bed!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hide and Seek baby

So yesterday I had another checkup with my doctor. The last 2 appts I have had to wait between 45-60 mins before they got to me, so I scheduled this one late in the day so as to not impact work. I set it for 4:15 and just skipped lunch. Well, the doctor took an hour again to get to me! I scheduled my next appt for right after lunch, if the same thing happens I am getting a new doctor. I don’t adore the guy, but he is nice enough and answers all my questions and likes to give me an u/s every time I go, which I love. Well, so after sitting for an hour he comes in with a med student in tow. He was just going to check for a heartbeat that day, so he tells me to pull my pants down a bit and they put this microphone thing on my pubic bone. They move it around, but can’t find a heartbeat. The doctor keeps telling me it’s hard to get it sometimes and not to worry and since I have a tilted uterus that makes it worse. I wasn’t worried. So, he takes me to a different room and tries to do a stomach u/s. He again can’t find anything, I’m still not worried, I’m only 11-12 weeks along, so I just figured it was normal. So, at this point he decides to do an internal u/s, still not worried. He moves it around for awhile and tells me it takes time to find the baby sometimes. Then he does and the baby has it’s back to me, so I don’t get as good of a view as last time, but you can totally see it has arms and legs and it’s moving them all around and having a good old time swimming. Then the doctor says – shewww you had me worried. I couldn’t believe it, I had no idea he was worried, I never got worried at all. Kind of funny. I got another u/s pic and you can tell the baby is much larger, but it’s not a great picture. I have my first scan test next week so I will get another u/s. Then I don’t have another appt until the end of the month. I was really pissed for having to wait so long b/c I had plans to run with a friend at 5:30 and I wasn’t able to make it. But I found her and joined her for the rest of the run and got 6 miles in.

I’ve really been feeling pretty shitty for the last 2 weeks. Just extra worn down and I don’t look well. Bags under my eyes, I feel like my hair is just hanging on my head and nothing I put on looks right. It’s great! Such is life. All in all I really like being pregnant, but I hope to feel better soon. I’m running 12 miles on Sat, which will be interesting. I hope I can do it. I have a half marathon scheduled for 10/19, so I am doing the 12 miler to give me confidence I still can. I haven’t ran over 8 miles in over a month.