Friday, October 10, 2008

The first 3 months

So, I've made it throught he first 3 months Munchkin. I must say I had my doubts the whole time that I could do this. It just seems like some wierd science experiment. I just kept expecting to go to the doctors and you'd be gone. But I've gotten to see you 3 times so far! You've gone from a little round sac to a full blown baby that wiggles and sucks it's thumb. The doctor said a wiggly baby is a healthy baby. That's good to know since I've been doing pretty much the exact opposite of what I should be doing. Instead of feeding you leafy greens and fruit, I've been filling up on wendy's chicken sandwichs and mcdonalds ice cream cones! I haven't had any real cravings, but eaten way too much junk food b/c I just don't feel like cooking. I did give up coffee though and have had only a few diet cokes along the way.

You came on like a sleep filled tornado from day 1. I cannot get enough sleep and I am really getting sick of that! Due to this my workouts have been sporadic at best. I went from the best shape of my life while training for a half ironman (I was biking 40-50 miles on the weekend and running for an hour after!) to about 15 lbs overweight (Mamma was already 7 lbs up from where she should be before you even came around! oops). Surprisingly I am not freaking out. I don't mind my gut, now that it's getting more round and everyone knows I'm pregnant, not just getting fat :) The big boobs are interesting as well. I kind of love being pregnant, I don't mind it for a moment. 6 months will fly by I am sure and I cannot wait to meet you. I have been very lucky to have no morning sickness, although I've felt fluish for the past several weeks. Hopefully as I step into our second trimester that will ease up a bit.

In just a weekMunchkin you will take your first cross country flight. Probably your last for awhile. We're going on vacation and we're going to run a half marathon surrounded by the redwood forest. It's going to be great!


Clare said...

i'm finding the more pregnant i look, the less i mind it! and isn't it weird, NO ONE seems to want to cook while pregnant! alli ever craved were fruit smoothies (not that i didn't eat junk food, just did it cuz i was lazy, not craving).

Mama Simmons said...

Glad you're enjoying the pregnancy. You get used to the not sleeping part. Every once in a while I mostly sleep through the night, but I'm finding I function ok now with a lot less sleep than I ever did before... and then just wait til baby arrives! I hear that's when we enter the Hall of Fame of functioning while not sleeping!! ;)

N.D. said...

What a cute post! I like the boobs, but then sometimes I want my flat chest back! It is good you are loving it and taking it easy!