Thursday, October 30, 2008


I had a doc appt today, nothing exciting, just a check up. I am u/s spoiled and wish I could have gotten one, but I did get to hear the heart beat. They also gave me a flu shot, ouch. I am such a baby, I want to cry whenever I get a shot or my blood drawn how will I ever have a baby?

My mom is in town for a few days. I think her and I are going to go to Baby's R Us and do the registry on Sat. I am looking forward to that. I got opinions from a few friends on the must haves. I am getting a lot of hand me downs so we are lucky in that sense. My in laws are giving us their crib, my mom has an awesome cradle. My friend Jane who had a baby in June is giving me some stuff that her child doesn't like, that hopefully mine will (swing!!!). So, I hope to keep my registry list streamlined and only get what we need. I think I will just register at BRU for now. Once i know the sex I will probably register for bedding at Target b/c they have the cutest stuff.


N.D. said...

I know, I totally want an u/s machine to check out the baby daily! I hear ya on the needles. Around here, babies r us is having a big sale on Sat. Have fun registering - a bit overwhelming, but definitely exiting!

Just Josh Funk said...

I can't believe I've been missing out on all this baby baking goodness! I don't like needles either. I guess when you're a mom, though, you have to put on the strong face!

Let us know the registry details when you have it all finished. I'm excited to see how it all progresses.

Mama Simmons said...

Definitely register for a Boppy Pillow (and then some extra covers for it). I use mine all the time when I'm feeding Moana- it's perfect and really makes positioning easier. :)