Monday, October 6, 2008

11 weeks 5 days actually

Well I thought I was through the first trimester, but today the doctor told me I was 11 weeks and 5 days. So, on Thursday I will be at 12 weeks. But does that put me through the first trimester, or do I have to get to 13 weeks first? My brain can’t figure that sort of thing out.

Today I had a nuchal translucency test. It was fine, an u/s and a bloodtest. The measure the neck folds on your baby and you don’t want to be near 3mm, my baby was at 1.2. So, my risk for downs, tri 18, etc should be pretty low, but I have to see what the bloodwork says. I had my first successful belly u/s. It was really neat b/c they had a flat screen on the wall in front of you and you could see the u/s there. It was long b/c they took all kinds of measurements, so I got to watch my baby wiggle around for at least 5 mins, it was great. The doc said my baby was very wiggly and that’s a good sign. It was sucking it’s thumb and moving it’s arms and legs and twice it just kind of bounced up in the air like on a trampoline. I got some big u/s print outs, like 8 x 10! That was fun. One has the hand waving and the u/s lady put some text on there that says hi everyone. Too cute. I can’t wait for the sex u/s on the 11/24. I have another doc appt on 10/29, but don’t know if I will get another u/s or not.

I am very nervous about my insurance. The doc just told me that he usually has his patients get the test and asked if I wanted it and I said would my insurance cover it and he said most of the time they do. So, I decided why not, the more info the better I figure. So, I called my insurance and the first lady told me it was covered, but I didn’t get her name and G told me I should call back. The second lady thought it was covered, but wasn’t really sure so she sent me a page from their handbook. I asked her if in her interpretation it was covered and she said yes. So, I went ahead and got it. I sure hope we don’t get stuck with the 2500 bill.


The Salty One said...

I think it's once you hit 14 weeks you're in the second tri. I have my midwife appts on Wednesdays when I'm x weeks and 6 days and it always annoyed me when my m/w would say so your x weeks instead of x+1 weeks. To me 19w6d is 20 weeks!! Now it doesn't matter to me so much, but during those early weeks when you just want to fast forward time, it stinks!

As for insurance, I had to pay a portion for our nuchal transluscency test out of pocket, but most of it was covered. I think I had to pay about $60.

Too cute baby was sucking his/her thumb! Ours scooted all over the place trying to get away from the u/s! I really think he hates it! What's really neat is during out scan at 12 weeks he hand his hands above his head the whole time and at our last scan at 32 weeks he was doing the same thing! You're already seeing the personality of your little one at 11 weeks! Amazing!!

N.D. said...

I got that test too and I think it is covered - I haven't heard from insurance and it was 2 months ago. I don't even know about the trimesters. I just realized when I hit 20 weeks that means 20 weeks has passed and now it is really the start of the 21st week. Too confusing. Anyway, so cute you saw the little person! you should probably be getting another u/s at 20 weeks and see the feet and all that. I liked the first one better but this one was cool too!