Friday, October 3, 2008

Ugh I felt so so sick yesterday, well and the day before and still do today. I think I am sick, I don't think it's just pregnancy. But I was feeling very lazy and got in bed at 6:45 and stayed there. I was asleep by 9, but didn't wake up feeling super refreshed or anything. I was on youtube and watched some slideshow videos of pregnancy belly progressions. They were so neat, I can't believe I am going to get that big. I watched a few birth story videos too, those made me teary eyed. Starting this week I will take a belly shot every Sunday, I want to have a record of this, it is so amazing when you patch them all together to see how much you change! The videos totally made me cry, just from the baby stuff, but also b./c I miss my dad (he died in Jan). Well he died the funeral home put together this great video of all these photos of him with music behind it and one of the songs was this stupid country song by Rascal Flats about Jesus and it was on one of the progression videos, so now every time I hear that song (as well as the other songs on his video, I am totally ruined now by Fire and Rain) I just bawl like a baby. So, I sat in bed and cried and missed my dad and got really angry that he's not here for all of this. Then I watched Sara Silverman videos and got cheered up. Then I tried to watch the debate, but got depressed by that, so I decided I better just go to bed!


Baby and Me said...

Well I wont tell you what is going on with your body, cause it is your body. But from what you described it all sounds pregnancy related. I know that is how I felt in my first few months. Just let the tears come when they want its all normal. Feel better soon!

N.D. said...

Aw- sorry to hear about your dad. That is very hard : (
You are super pregnancy woman. You are the good witch and I'm the bad. I won't watch anything and seeing how big I will get makes me feel sick!! Birth videos - you couldn't pay me $10,000 to watch one!!
I hope that you are feeling better! rest up!