Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hide and Seek baby

So yesterday I had another checkup with my doctor. The last 2 appts I have had to wait between 45-60 mins before they got to me, so I scheduled this one late in the day so as to not impact work. I set it for 4:15 and just skipped lunch. Well, the doctor took an hour again to get to me! I scheduled my next appt for right after lunch, if the same thing happens I am getting a new doctor. I don’t adore the guy, but he is nice enough and answers all my questions and likes to give me an u/s every time I go, which I love. Well, so after sitting for an hour he comes in with a med student in tow. He was just going to check for a heartbeat that day, so he tells me to pull my pants down a bit and they put this microphone thing on my pubic bone. They move it around, but can’t find a heartbeat. The doctor keeps telling me it’s hard to get it sometimes and not to worry and since I have a tilted uterus that makes it worse. I wasn’t worried. So, he takes me to a different room and tries to do a stomach u/s. He again can’t find anything, I’m still not worried, I’m only 11-12 weeks along, so I just figured it was normal. So, at this point he decides to do an internal u/s, still not worried. He moves it around for awhile and tells me it takes time to find the baby sometimes. Then he does and the baby has it’s back to me, so I don’t get as good of a view as last time, but you can totally see it has arms and legs and it’s moving them all around and having a good old time swimming. Then the doctor says – shewww you had me worried. I couldn’t believe it, I had no idea he was worried, I never got worried at all. Kind of funny. I got another u/s pic and you can tell the baby is much larger, but it’s not a great picture. I have my first scan test next week so I will get another u/s. Then I don’t have another appt until the end of the month. I was really pissed for having to wait so long b/c I had plans to run with a friend at 5:30 and I wasn’t able to make it. But I found her and joined her for the rest of the run and got 6 miles in.

I’ve really been feeling pretty shitty for the last 2 weeks. Just extra worn down and I don’t look well. Bags under my eyes, I feel like my hair is just hanging on my head and nothing I put on looks right. It’s great! Such is life. All in all I really like being pregnant, but I hope to feel better soon. I’m running 12 miles on Sat, which will be interesting. I hope I can do it. I have a half marathon scheduled for 10/19, so I am doing the 12 miler to give me confidence I still can. I haven’t ran over 8 miles in over a month.


Mama Simmons said...

Glad everything was fine with baby... I never had any fears either and it would happen sometimes that doc couldn't find heartbeat. Your intuition will tell you if you have something to worry about or not.
And about your hair- it'll totally get better! I swear, being pregnant I have the nicest thickest hair ever. Apparently it all falls out after baby comes, but it's nice for now! ;)
Good luck on your run this weekend!

Clare said...

i'm not a worrier either, it's nice! you'll be fine with the half, i did one at 14 weeks and just enjoyed it...i mean, i was super slow, but it was totally enjoyable because i didn't mind if i walked!

N.D. said...

You'll be fine for the 1/2 - just go out and enjoy! Hopefully better days are around the corner in second trimester! My doctor's office has 45 min to 1 hour waits also. At least around here, I think its everywhere.

jessica said...

phew, your appointment had me stressed!

One thought about your doc... generally, the type who would order a sono for every appointment is doing so out of concern for his own malpractice liability. My first OB was that way, and while I liked her in the office visits, I realized I would have absolutely no say in what she would order during my delivery.

Oh, and if you think you might change providers, do it soon, because once you leave a practice you'll be billed co-pays for all of the individual appointments you had (since you're no longer a "global package" guaranteed to bring in the labor/delivery fees).