Monday, October 13, 2008


It's a Monday for sure. I ran twice this weekend, lifted weights and made it to spin/ab class this morning. Although I just learned that after your first tri mester any ab work on your back in a big no no. Glad to read that b/c I hope to get back to spin class now 3 times a week and we always do abs afterwards. It's a no no b/c you can block the blood supply to the baby. There are other ab exercises I can do though and the 2 articles I read said crunches on the ball are fine as long as you put it higher up your back.

I am trying not to let it get to me but things are so bad at work. We work in teams and we just lost our best developer and best quality assurance analyst. Both had been here for over 5 years and had invaluable knowledge. The developer is already done with his 2 weeks and the QA gal just put her notice in. Our team was already down about 4-5 people and now we are really going to be hobbling by. It makes it hard to want to come to work. On top of that, one of our team members who worked from home and has been sick for awhile finally lost to her cancer last night in hospice. She was a wonderfully nice lady with a beautiful family and she lived on a farm full of animals that I'm sure will miss her too. I wish I had gotten to know her better. It puts things into perspective that's for sure. Life is too short.


N.D. said...

ooh, work sounds stressful. How much time will you take off? can you look forward to that? Thanks for the info on the ab work, I never knew that. I think I better look into the safety of yoga!

Clare said...

i wouldn't stress about the ab work on your back...i mean, don't do it if you aren't comfortable, but at 30 weeks i'm still doing it. you'd get dizzy long before there was any oxygen shortage, and if you keep moving nothing will be cut off anyway. i still sleep mostly on my back too...just saying, take all this with grain of salt, most of these things apply to non-athletic women and are ultra-conservative.