Friday, August 8, 2008


so my sister suggested the name Vivian. She thought of it b/c of pretty woman, but it just so happens, I caught pretty women on TBS the other day and thought it was a pretty name. But it's been in my head and I keep rolling it around. It is such a beautiful name - Vivian Grace....too froo froo? Wow, I'll pretty much have the name and nursery picked out before I am even pregnant or know the sex of the baby. Oh well, it can't hurt to daydream. I also think of cute things I could call a boy aside from his given name of Gary. I keep coming back to Mutt, don't ask why! I have no clue.

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theOvulator said...

Chris and I had picked out a boy name and a girl name for a year before we started trying to get pregnant. Neither of those names made the top selection as it turned out. *grin*