Monday, August 11, 2008

Ooooh drumroll please, this is a very exciting week! This is the week that Aunt Flo is supposed to come to town, the Time of the month, the the the hmmm....I seem to have ran out of euphemisms for period already. I guess I'm out of practice since I spend most of my joke related times on poop and farts. I got all excited and took another test this morning (i know, i know!) and it was a dud. The F-er didn't even give me the control line. grrrrr.

I bought a gift for a friends shower last night and it was so cute I just wanted to put it on my cat and make her walk around the house in it. But I didn't. Maybe tonight.... Sorry Salty, try to ignore the cat fur on your present.

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Baby and Me said...

I think the testing gods were teaching you a lesson by giving you a dud test! Try again tomorrow, good luck!