Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Superhuman olfactory senses!

Yesterday wasn't such a great day in pregnancy land. I had my first real case of nausea at work. I really thought I was going to have to run out of a meeting, luckily it never got past the stage of that pre vomit slobbery feeling in my mouth. Then towards the end of the day I got really crampy. I thought for sure I would spot, but I didn't. I just felt generally icky. I was supposed to go run with some friends, but I decided that I better listen to my body and it wasn't having a good day.

My smell is out of control. Do any of you have this problem? It's like I'm a nose super hero. Everything stinks to me. Like I almost lost it in the kitchen last night, I'm standing there and I can specifically smell the coffee maker, the garbage disposal, the garbage can and my dog. It's gross. Plus I went to eat some salsa last night and I thought for sure it had spoiled, it tasted carbonated and so acidic, but G said it tasted just fine. I brought hummus for lunch and ended up throwing it away, I love hummus. Too wierd. I don't like it. But if this is the worst that I get, I'll take it.

I had planned to go to spinning this morning, but was up all night worrying about money! Already! Argh. I really want to take a year off of work. But when I think about living on just G's paycheck, it covers our bills and not much else. I know that he takes a lot out of his check for retirement and our car funds, so he can make his check larger, but still I just don't think it's possible. I am going to have to figure out a way to get my work to keep my part time. Maybe they will let me work part time for 3-6 months after I come back...maybe...Ideally I would want to work part time until munchkin is in school. I think we could live off of half my salary and G's for that long. BUt I don't really have the time of job that translates into part time. I know even if they pay me for part time and I'm only here in the office 20 hours a week, I'll still have to work from home and check email...maybe I can talk them into 20 hours in the office and 10 hours from home. Maybe. It'll depend on how good my baby is b/c I have lots of conference calls. If I had to work 10 hours from home, I could just schedule for all those calls to happen from home. It could work out. Too bad I work for like the least progressive company ever. So, I doubt they'll want anything to do with it.

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Baby and Me said...

UGH!!! the smells. It is the worst thing in the world. I actually just told my sister last week I should be allowed to throw up on people that stink. They make me sick so why not return the favor. Its it is crazy how the smallest things can trigger it. I swear one day I could smell toilet water. Toilet water?!?! Who the hell besides superman can smell toilet water?

jessica said...

Yeah, the smell thing is wild, but at least it gives you a heads up on the foods your body doesn't want.

On the one income thing, I toughed it out with my inflexible employer for about 15 months, but ended up quitting just over a year ago. To get by we've made some big lifestyle changes -- not glamorous, but it works.

I've always liked the tip to try to live off of one income while you're still working. If you're able to make it work, you get to squirrel away your paychecks as savings for later, which is handy whether you go back to work or not.

KBULL said...

The smell thing doesn't go away. hopefully it will after birth but I can smell all sorts of things that others can't! Argh...taking the train (which I do daily) is the WORST.

N.D. said...

You have alot going on in your head! Take it one step at a time!! I am trying to at least. The smell - I don't have it where I only smell bad stuff, I just smell everything!