Friday, August 29, 2008

First Doctor's appt - 7 weeks & 3 days

So, it turns out my math is really bad. According to the doctor I am only 7 weeks and 3 days since my last period. Woops. Here I was thinking I was already somewhere between 8-9 weeks. Yikes. I'm nowhere near out of the water for miscarriage.

I liked the doctor. He was coridial and quick without making me feel rushed. He went ahead and did an ultrasound since I didn't really know when my last period was since I'm irregular. He said judging by the size of my baby he thinks I might be more like 6 weeks along, but he couldn't really tell and I go back in 2 weeks to get another u/s to get more accurate info. It's wierd to find out you are not as far along as you think. But I don't know why I'm in such a rush. So, for now I'm calling it 7 weeks along. I was going to try and scan the ultrasound pictures, but they were so black I didn't think it'd work. Hearing the heartbeat was awesome. He said I have a tilted uterus so it was hard for him to find the baby at first and I was so worried, it was such a bad feeling - what if I'm not preggo, just crazy! But then there it was and I could totally see the little flash of the heart just a pumpin away. The doctor gave me the go ahead to keep running long distance and said I could do crunches, I wasn't sure about that. I can't wait until Sept 17th when I go back!


N.D. said...

That's great! The first appt makes you feel a little more relieved - congrats! I wonder with the abs, I'm still doing crunches and all that, if I can still tone my upper abs and the lower ones will just be MIA. It makes sense that you are "in a rush" - you want to tell people and be out of the higher risk rate time! I was the same way!

Clare said...

it's amazing how they go from a blob to a real baby-looking-thing so quickly!!

Mama Simmons said...

Even your upper abs go MIA when you start to get bigger. A few weeks ago I lost mine. But they come back... I've seen some awesome looking athlete moms who have ripped abs after multiple kids, so it's possible!
Congrats on seeing the heartbeat. That makes it pretty real doesn't it? You have a due date now?

TriSaraTops said...

Yaaaaaayy for little teeny heartbeats!

So exciting! :)

theOvulator said...

I was the same way with regards to being "rushed" to be farther along. I was sure they were wrong about how far along I was and as it turns out they may well have been and I may be one week further along. I think it's our maternal eagerness wanting the baby to get here NOW so we can see the lovely life we've nurtured. *smile*