Monday, August 4, 2008

to quit or not to quit

I freaking hate mondays. I actually hate my job. I am a project manager for a software company. I'll leave it at that, never know when big brother is watching. I worry a lot about working here while pregnant. Stress can't be good for a pregnancy and I pretty much almost cry weekly at work. I have thought about quitting and finding a new job. But it's really not the best time to start a new job, when you are going to be getting pregnant hopefully.

If I work here when I get pregnant, I will not go back to work. I would like 1 year off. Now, I would prefer a part time gig and then stick to part time for 3-5 years. If this job was willing to let me keep one or two of my accounts and work from home 10 hours a week and come into the office for 10 hours a week, etc. I would stay here, but this job is not that progressive, they wouldn't ever consider such a thing. So, maybe i would be better off finding a new job at smaller company that is privately owned and might be more apt to consider such a thing. However, I would think I'd need to prove myself before a company would care to keep me part time. And who knows how much time I have on my hands? It's all very confusing. It's a shame there are not more part time professional opportunities. I hate to not bring in any income, but there is no way being here 45 hours a week is more important than seeing my babies firsts. No way, but I need to come up with a way to bring in a few hundred a week. Maybe I will watch someone else's kid?? Or try to start up that dog walking business. Couldn't I take the baby with me strapped to my chest for dog walks?? But that'd only be $10 bucks a walk, so I'd need to have like 30walks a week, that doesn't sound likely.... Sigh, how do people make ends meet on one salary!


theOvulator said...

We do silly things like buy houses which have been foreclosed on and bank owned for years and need lots of crazy work but allow us to exist on one income because the debt is such that it can be paid off in 5-8 years.

Oh, and we don't eat out, only go to the movies maybe once a month and then only to the drive-in where you get to see 3-5 movies for $8/person..and never really buy new clothes even when we need them.

Right now we exist on one income - mostly because my job and I split ways in March and I thought we'd have moved by now or I'd have found a new one. We'll exist on one income for at least a few years once we move this month - or at least sort of. I'm planning to freelance as a graphic designer/photographer but that won't start right away since I'm due in two months and will be adjusting to First Time Mommydom.

It's not easy, but it's not hard either if you're careful and first build up a savings that is your safety net should something crazy happen.

The Salty One said...

First, buy "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." It'll teach you all about your lady parts and how to tell if you're ovulating. It's also good for when you don't want to go back on the pill but would like to avoid getting preggo in the future.

Next, I have to continue to work. I'd love to work part time--best of both worlds, but for law jobs I basically do work part time. There are calculators out there that can tell you whether it's feasible to go down to one income. For the people I know who do it, either one of them makes a sh*tload of money or they are super frugal, live in a small house, shop at garage sales for baby stuff, etc. One thing we thought about was working until we were done having kids and then taking a few years off. But I agree--there should be more feasible options!