Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh my gosh, I can't believe this is real! I did some calendar math and I believe I have been actually pregnant for 2-3 weeks. I got pregnant somewhere between July 16 & 26. Since my period is irregular, it's hard to know for sure. So, that means I am 4-5 weeks pregnant as far as doctors are concerned since they count from your last period. That is so wierd. Now that I know, I feel like crap! I don't know if it's psychosympatic or just b/c of the week I am at. I have felt really tired for awhile, but the past 2 days have been really bad. And today and yesterday I have felt slightly nauceous. I have been so caught up in this I haven't worked out since Monday, so I must, must, must tonight! I am very adament to stay in shape during this pregnancy, even if I am throwing up while doing bicep curls.

I told my mom and one of my sisters (my dad died earlier this year). We told G's mom and dad &stepmom and sisters. I know we should really wait, but it's just too fun. All the reactions were great, I wish I had come up with somethign more creative! 3 friends know. 1 who just had a baby, one who is about to and then my best friend that I was training for the marathon with.

Last night we went to the bookstore and I got a week by week book and Fit Pregnancy magazine. Boy I have a lot to learn.

There's no turning back now, this munchkin has to come out of my body sometime next April. Eiyeyeyeii. Oh yeah I asked Gary what he wanted to call it - bean, tadpole, etc, he chose Munchkin, like the donut.

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theOvulator said...

Your body is starting to produce more hormones and prepping that womb for baby growth which is why you feel like crap more and more. Don't panic if you see a little spotting in the next few weeks, it's normal.

And remember, if the nausea becomes a problem there are these things called Preggo Pops you can get at Babies R Us that will help with that.