Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maybe Baby, maybe?!?

I debated whether I shouldpost this, but this is what this blog is for. To record it all. So, I woke up this morning and just couldn't resist since this week is my period. I peed on another stick. Yep, I've gone through 4 tests in a matter of weeks! the first one was about 2 weeks ago and was negative, then the dud the other day. Then this one this morning. This one this morning, it, it, it.....had 2 lines. It said I was pregnant. For reals. It was 6am and I was still bleary. But I ran upstairs, the dogs got all excited b/c I was running and I poked Gary and told him to wake up. wake up, wake up. He of course thought something was wrong and I told him to turn on the light and handed him the test. He smiled and gave me a hug. Then I freaked out for awhile. I drank a beer, I had coffee, oh my god I had a red bull. OH shit I just ran 19 miles last weekend. So, then I took another one and it was another dud! Another dud. So, 2 duds and one positive from the same box. So, that makes me think these test are ruined in some form. And all morning I was slightly elated, but mostly doubting this whole pregnancy thing. So, I went out at lunch and bought some fancy digital tests and took another test! So, make that 5 tests in less than a month. This one said NOT PREGNANT. So, who knows. It could be wrong b/c my pee was very clear. Since it's early, my period isn't due for a few days, there might not be enough hormone to tell. So, I will count the minutes until tomorrow morning. But just in case, I skipped the coffee this morning and the diet coke with lunch. You just never know.

If I am pregnant, holy snookers, I am the worlds most fertile woman ever, or G is the most fertile man ever. This would mean we literally got pregnant the first or second try.

I really kind of feel like I could be. I've had some strange things going on lately. I can't get enough sleep and wake up all foggy headed, I have an amazing amount of teeny zits on my forehead ( i never get zits), I have gotten 2 cold sores (gross i know) in the last month and normally i get like once a year when i am really sick, certain smells have really been bothering me and making me feel like i am going to puke.

I googled and it's easy to get a false negative, not so easy to get a false positive. So, who the hell knows people. There might be a tadpole in there all hopped up on red bull and running.

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