Thursday, February 5, 2009

29 weeks

29 weeks. Eek. That makes me very nervous b/c that means next week is 30. Seeing a 3 in the front makes things all too real. This baby is coming out people and it’s coming out soon. I am of course excited to meet her, but mostly a nervous wreck! Too much to do around the house and too much to worry about work wise (the whole coming back to work, staying home dilemma) and then there's the whole going through labor thing.

The baby seems to have found a way to sit on both my bladder and colon. Fun, fun. So I find myself in the bathroom about 20 times a day. I should just start wearing a diaper myself. She has also stopped moving as much. But then again I have been making a conscious effort to cut back on my sugar intake, so I imagine that might be related! Eeek. Bad monica.

By the end of this week we should have our guest room done. We just need one more coat of paint in the closet, then the furniture can be moved in. I love the paint color we used, I hope I can take some pictures that actually capture it accurately. I tried to take some when G was painting, but they didn’t come out well. After that it’s time to start on the nursery. I can’t wait. I have so much I want to do but can’t b/c the nursery is a mess. For instance, I want to wash and organize all the baby clothes I have so far. I want to set up the crib. I want to put together my changing table and fill the little baskets that go under it with stuff! I want to put together a kit for bath time and an area to deal with diapers as I am probably going to do cloth diapers. Yes cloth diapers. If you want to read some great info on them check out She has me convinced and I am going to order a starter/trial kit and give it a try. Why not. I just need to have a little prep area on the changing table. She recommends keeping a spray bottle of clear on the table and some dust for the diaper pail, etc. If I can pull it off it’ll save us a couple hundred a month! I mean once you purchase the diapers up front, the only cost is the washing of them, so water and detergent. I still plan to use disposable when we are out and about. Gary is not in to it at all, so I am just going to tell him to use the disposable if he wants, but I am going to give it the college try. I may find it’s too much work, but I really think I can pull it off with a little prep work. If I can do that and breastfeed I should be able to stay home from work. Maybe….who knows. I may find after 6 weeks of crying baby that I want to go back.

I watched a good video series called Laugh and Learn. One was about birth/delivery, one was about breastfeeding and one was about newborn care. I learned a lot of things. I'm sure it's all just opinions, but at least from what I watched, the lady said you shouldn't use soap on newborns, not to start using soap until you are actually giving them baths. Just use a little baby shampoo on their head and use water to wash the rest (aside from their butts obviously, but you clean those a million times a day). The video also recommended you give you baby a sponge bath from the neck up while still swaddled and to use cotton balls to clean their eyes, ears and noses. I learned a lot from the breastfeeding video, like that babies are born with pug noses so they don't suffocate on the boob. I must admit the whole breast feeding thing still really grosses me out. I can't help it, I'm immature. But I definitely want to do it. I hope it doesn't hurt too bad. I am going to prepare myself a little breast kit to have on hand for when we get back from the hospital with nippy cream, hot and cold compresses, etc. Organizing things is something I really enjoy doing, I can't wait to put together my boob kit, baby bathing kit, cloth diaper kit, etc. I'm going to have little stations all over the house! Oooh that means I get to buy some more baskets. I also really need to go and buy myself some decent pajamas and lounge wear, that's on the to do list for sure. I need sweats that I can wear to the store w/o feeling like an idiot. You would laugh so hard if you saw the ratty sleep pants I sleep in every night. I have one pair where I tore the leg on one and cut it so I would quit stepping on it, so it's about 3 inches shorter than the other leg :) I feel too bad to wear them around the house all day and none of my yoga/workout pants really fit well right now.

As you can see my mind is all over the place. But at least I have made it to 3:18 today without peeing my pants yet.


Cintia EUA said...

The link didn't work for me, but thanks for the tips. I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow and very interested in saving money as well as helping the environment :)

Mnowac said...

Cintia - try this -

You have to look through some of her past posts to find the info on cloth diapers

Cintia EUA said...


Clare said...

i LOVE my cloth diapers! even the poop blowouts aren't so bad. and breastfeeding too, i was pretty opposed to it BUT turns out it's easy and just not as icky as i thought. do give it a go, and it's totally true that it gets easier around 6 weeks. i actually JUST bought a double-electric pump with left over babies r us gift cards...i NEVER thought i'd plan to pump when i go back to work, but i guess hormones and motherhood really do make you do weird things!

N.D. said...

Ok breastfeeding totally grossed me out beyond belief. I had so much anxiety and disgust towards it but then you just feel so much love and like you should share it and its fine! You might be nervous but it is so awesome. You are going to LOVEeee it!! I am in love!