Friday, February 13, 2009

Stomach bug

Oh boy did I get sick this week, get ready for a TMI post. I woke up yesterday at about 3 am and realized my stomach was bothering me. I got up to get ready for work at 7 and realized I didn't feel well, but really thought I just needed to go to the bathroom and it would pass. I carpool on Thursdays and I contemplated calling the lady I carpool with and telling her I'd drive solo in case I had to leave. But stupidly I did not and I went to work. BY the time I got there I felt totally funky I didn't know if I was going to puke or crap my pants. Long story short, I had to call Gary to come get me at work and take me home. I was laid up in bed all day just feeling miserable. I kept thinking I was going to have to puke, but only did once. I only ate a cup of soup though, so there wasn't much to work with I guess. The worse was that my bones were aching soooo badly. It felt like someone was trying to crack my knees and my back in half. I had a throbbing headache too. Tylenol helped a bit. Towards the end of the night I got the most horrible gas pains I have ever had in my life and was just sitting in bed bawling. Gary wasn't quite sure what to do to help me! I think it must have been so bad b/c I have the baby stuffed in there too, so the pressure was just too much. Every time I moved around it was like I was going to burst in half. I was able to get in a hot shower and rub my belly and work some of the pressure out :) I literally thought I was going to die, how am I going to handle labor!!!! I was up all night going to the bathroom, but feel much better today. Just horribly dehydrated and tired of course. I stayed home from work today to. I hate to take sick days right now b/c I really need to save them, but I figure if I am contagious, it's not very nice of me to go to work. I am just glad the worst of it seemed to be a 24 hour bug, but I haven't been that sick in a loonnngg time, hope the baby didn't mind too much.


Clare said...

ugh...that sucks. sounds like me a few days ago. somehow, labor isn't so bad...or, maybe i've just forgotten.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hope you are feeling better. The symptoms sound exactly like what I had, only I never actually threw up and I'm not pregnant. It's defineteley getting around.

N.D. said...

hope you are feeling better. My baby blog and running blog are both by me - the lil runner and the ditullios. sorry to confuse ya!!All that stuff sounds amazing for a come home from hospital setup. I had no idea and no one told me!!