Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting my butt in gear!

The week of vacation was very active. I ran a half mary and did a ton of walking and hiking. Since I got back from vacation, I have ran once and that is it! AHHHH. I hate to even say it out loud. It is beyond time for me to get my ass in gear. It’s more important than ever that I stay in shape now that I am preggo. I have some very inspiring ladies blogs that I read that have worked out their entire pregnancies. I need that to be me! I want to be able to rebound from this baby quickly and be back on my bike and running within weeks. In order to do that I must keep up my workouts. But lets face it I am pregnant and it’s harder to get moving, plus the gray and gloom of winter will be setting in soon, so I am making a schedule for myself and my goal is to hit 5 of these workouts. As long as I hit 5 I will not feel bad, if I hit more, awesome. I think I can always make Sat & Sun and it will be more enjoyable to run those days b/c I will see daylight, I hope to always make all 3 of the runs (2 around 4 miles, one at least 6) and then at least one spin and one swim. I haven’t swam in a REALLY long time and it’s time to get my toosh in gear with that. I want to get back up in the yardage by end of Nov and then hopefully hit a masters class in Solon once a week. I will do weights after spin class & also try and get one weight session in weekly while watching tv. I am going to keep a tally in my sidebar starting next week to keep me honest. So today is Thurs, think I will hit the pool if I can fit into my bathing suit!!! I need to order a new one online stat.

Mon – AM Spin class/weights
Tues- Run & swim
Wed- Run
Thurs- longer swim
Fri- Spin class/weights
Sat- long Run
Sun- Run & yoga

Last year over memorial day weekend I went to Lake Placid for a weekend workout on the Ironman course. The same group is going back next year, but this time in June. I really want to go, really bad. But is it crazy to think that 2 months post partum I could be ready to bike the 56 mile course of Lake Placid??? I really want to be able to do a fall marathon and be a kickass buff mom. I look at people like TriSaraTops and know it is possible. I tend to border on extreme working out and no working out. I don’t have much of a happy medium. I need to find it until this baby is out!


Mama Simmons said...

Seriously, staying fit through the next several months will help you bounce back SO MUCH faster! I am very pleased with how my body is responding to post-partum now and am so glad I swam and walked as much as I did. 10 days out and I'm only 8 lbs away from my (thinnest in years) Pre-preggo weight... If you stay fit, 56 miles is completely possible 2 months out. I'll be riding those distances 2 months out! :) Go for it!!

lilrunner N.D. said...

We're on the same page with the 2 months out. I think if we keep in shape and keep going here, we can do it! I don't know if 56 miles biking is harder / as hard / same? as running a marathon, bc I don't bike, but let's hold each other accountable! Good goals, you can do it. It is so hard to get motivated, but now I have to make sure I keep working out for postpartum Boston!

Just Josh Funk said...

Can I ask a daring question? Is it good for the baby to keep running? I'm sure you've talked to a doctor and stuff, but I have to admit I'm shocked your keeping up your running schedule!