Monday, January 5, 2009

24 weeks

I got another good workout in this weekend, an hour of cardio and a 2 set on the circuit I like a the gym. But I did have a bit of a hormone emotional rollercoaster weekend. I started reading a book that Mamma Simmons recommended and now I recommend it too - BabyProofing your Marriage - I think it's a must read for any expecting couple. I also finished Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy and really liked it. She's not the best writer our there, but it was so relatable and funny and I was so glad to hear that all that tasted good to her was junk food and she always wet her pants too! I'm not alone :)

Oh and new symptom! Bloody noses, ugh. Anyone else having that problem? And please tell me someone else out there always wakes up from sleep on their backs or their stomachs? Eek.

So, here is the 24 week belly shot, again ignore the ridiculously mismatched outfit, I sleep in whatever fits damnit. Not really any change in weight over the past 2-3 weeks. Which I am fine with!!! Today at 11:30 I go to the doc to check my placenta and hopefuly they will tell me what gender this little monkey is.


jessica said...

ha! i went through a phase of constantly waking up on my back, and then I'd lie awake worried that I was some sort of un-evolved idiot, blocking blood flow to/from the placenta, etc. between my doc and a couple of books though, I eventually relaxed about it and then stopped flopping around so much as I got bigger anyway.

best wishes that the placenta previa resolved itself.

N.D. said...

You look great! I always wake up on my back. It's how I sleep and hard not to!

KBULL said...

I slept my entire pregnancy on my back because of my bad hips. The doctor said to just make sure my head was higher than my heart so I think you're a-ok :)