Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things are changing

I have been able to feel the baby for awhile now. I think the first time I thought I was feeling it was around 16/17 weeks. I am a few days shy of 26 weeks and over the last 2, boy has she gotten stronger. Last night for the first time I literally saw my belly jump. So neat and the kicking feels more like a strong rolling around sensation. It's so neat in an alien invasion creepy way. And last night I had a visible bump on one side of my belly, like the baby was curled up on that side. I find that when I lay down on my bed and put my knees up and put the computer on my knees, so the bottom is resting on my belly the baby goes crazy and kicks around. Very odd. I love it though.

Car is in the shop. We have to pay the deductible which blows. I probably could have fully furnished the nursery for the amount of money that took. The last issue is repairing the garage. Some guy came today and was able to get it to close, but warned that our garge door moving parts are so old they are going to break soon, but he wanted $800 to replace. sheesh. Not right now.

I am playing hooky from work today, too much stress yesterday. I felt like laying low today and not dealing with anyone! well besides my bad puppy. Who was bad when I went to the grocery and broke out of the kitchen. Little butthead.


Mama Simmons said...

Moana totally used to hang out on one side of my belly so I was almost always a lopsided prgnant woman. ;)
Glad you got your car fixed. I understand the UGH feeling givcing up that much money!!

N.D. said...

Glad you took a day to relax! you deserve that. The moving gets fun!! This is my favorite part.

justjoshfunk1 said...

Gosh, that Fonzi is a hellion. Somebody needs to put a lock down on him!

I'll never know what a baby feels like from your end, but I know feeling it from the outside is a strange experience in itself. You hit the nail on the head when you said it was "alien-like." Weird. Neat. Natural.

I hope your day is going smoother today. That garage door can wait!