Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow I really am pregnant

On Sunday I worked out, went to lunch/bookclub with friends, went to a museum exhibit with a friend, followed by starbucks. When I got home I felt absolutely clobbered and I still do. I guess I am really getting to that point in pregnancy where many naps are necessary and you can't put much into 1 day. Sigh. I can't believe I over halfway there. I will be 26 weeks on Friday. Eek. That means that in as little as 10 weeks I could have a baby. Hopefully not that early, but it certainly happens.

Gary said he really doesn't like the name Ruby. Sigh, so what about these names, any you love:

Magnolia (maggie)
Any suggestions??? Picking a name is hard yo.


Trishie said...

Ruby now always makes me think of that show on style. (the morbidly obese woman)... so, yeah, I'm with Gary on that one ;)

Oh names are so tough! I like Zoe and Adeliade, v. pretty!

(James and I went to visit our friends who just had a little girl on Dec 31, and watching him hold her melted my heart!)

EL said...

I love the name Adelaide! I like the other too, but I feel they might be too popular. Please, please, please, name her Adelaide. If you don't I might have to gt pregnant just so I can use the name.

N.D. said...

How hard is the name game?? I like the name Magnolia and Maggie as a nickname! That is pretty. I think it is so hard bc everyone has a different experience with the name or someone they associate it with!!! Make a list of 5 you can both deal with - that is what we are going to have to do! And we are going to wait and see if it is a girl, look at her and see what she looks like!!

lahenry said...

I like Norah, and I like Lily.