Wednesday, March 18, 2009

35 weeks

Ahhhh I am going to be a mom in like 36 days. Shit. It could be sooner. Two people at work have told me I look like I have dropped. I feel like it too. My walking has totally changed. I waddle and over week or so can really feel a difference in the amount of pressure down below. But she is still kicking and moving around like crazy. I’ve been told that they get really still when you are close. I certainly don’t think that I am going to 5 weeks early, but 2-3 maybe? I’m sure I’ll still be sitting here typing a week late, but you just never know. I am such a type A personality. I knew the anticipation at the end was going to drive me bonkers. I am leaning towards stopping work on April 17. That’s the Friday before my Wed due date. What did you ladies do? I just can’t see myself sitting in my office that last week waiting for the baby to come. I’ll drive myself crazy and not be very effective. But then again if I go a week late, I hate to lose it. On the other hand, to have that week of relaxation and house preparation and lounge time with the dogs might be worth it. I guess once I get a few internal exams I’ll be able to make a better informed decision. If at my appt on April 13th they see some dilation it might be worth having a stop date. I don’t know what to do.

I need to take some more pictures of the nursery. We hung this adorable felt bird mobile from Pottery Barn over the changing table and got the window blinds up. The mobile will probably end up coming down eventually though b/c it’s going to get in Gary’s way, I fit under it just fine. I am very much looking forward to going to babies r us and taking some items back from the shower and getting a few odds and ends we need. Actually I think I will make a list of what else I need to buy to be totally done, I love lists!

* 2-3 more covers for changing pad (is 3 total enough?)
* A secure trash can for diapers/liners
* A secure hamper to put cloth diapers in
* A wet bag for the cloth diapers
* A few of the Johnson & Johnson products (surprisingly I got none at my showers)
* A few large storage containers that are cute, to go underneath the crib to store the million blankets, burp clothes, and other items I have no place for

Not too bad! Mother in law is buying us the pack and play and excersaucer, so we don’t have those yet, where will I put them! We didn’t get a swing or stroller, so I might get those with our exchanged money and gift cards… I don’t know what to do about a stroller. My friend was kind enough to hand me down a car seat with 2 bases, but unfortunately she didn’t have the stroller on hand. She thought she did, but it turned out it was at their parent’s summer home. So, she wouldn’t be able to get it for me until sometime in June. So, I have a free stroller, but won’t have it for about 1.5 months after baby’s arrival. Will I need one before then? The only other one I have is an umbrella stroller and a running stroller. I imagine we will need a stroller from the start, right? So, that being said, since I have a car seat, I don’t need to buy a stroller travel system. What kind of stroller should I get that I can use off the bat??? Suggestions? Brands?


Mama Simmons said...

You can get by 1 1/2 months without a stroller. I used the baby bjorn carrier almost exclusively when we go out. If the car seat you have fits in the jogger you could always use that. We're just now starting to use the umbrella stroller at 4+ months.

jessica said...

skip the stroller. I've never once wished I had one of those folding universal car seat things, and I don't envy the people who have to maneuver those great big stroller systems just to carry a 10-lb. baby.

For the first 3 months, we tote the car seat for quick errands (I feel too detached leaving him in the "bucket" for more than just a few minutes) and use our carrier/sling for most outings. We'll use the umbrella stroller a little now (3.5 months) since he's able to sit up in it.

Method sells a natural-ish baby wash in a cute litte creature-shaped squeeze container that squirts out the bottom -- so convenient, & smells yummy.

My cloth diaper hamper is actually a bathroom-size pedal trash can, with a bucket insert to lift out and carry downstairs to the laundry.

Clare said...

i haven't used a stroller for outings either, i think you'll be fine without. as for your last day of work, i got anxious about that too. i decided to make mine 9 days before my due date...and then went into labor that afternoon. i was super restless the last week...i needed a set date to be done. i'd say take the last week off.

Audrey said...

I use my stroller very very rarely. Generally if I'm going to be going for a walk around the neighborhood - because in those first few months all the baby wants to do is sleep anyway and the stroller canopy protects him from bright light, light rain, smokers. For shopping trips it's good to know that some car seats will lock into place on the shopping carts. Mine does and I didn't find that out until a month in! It could be because it's part of a travel system. And the travel system can be very handy because it's a quick snap and go and I can unfold/fold it with one hand. Now, though, we're going with a ring sling and he sits on my hip for quick jaunts. He's more alert and likes to look around and with the nice weather we're finally having it's just nice to let him enjoy the outdoors in that way. Just my 2 cents since you're practically a neighbor. :)

I'm excited that you've dropped, or that you might have dropped, btw!

PS. I think I forgot to give you my email - guaharibo AT gmail DOT com.

Angela and David Kidd said...

We use our stroller a lot when we go into the city. It holds a lot of stuff and Zach's huge so the back starts to hurt if he spends too long in baby bjorn. But if we didn't have the stroller in the first 1.5 months, I doubt we would have missed it. We used it because it was there.

And my last day of work was Zach's due date and then 10 past his due date he still hadn't arrived. However, the thought of coming in after his due date and hearing "You still haven't had that kid" everyday was more than I knew I could take. I really enjoyed that time to myself before Zach was born.

Angela said...

You can get by without the stroller, baby bjorn or the infant seat work just fine.

I worked as up till the day I went into labor with both boys. I'm the type that needs to be busy to take my mind off of things. I wasn't 100% productive but it was better for me than sitting around waiting for baby.

Nitsirk said...

Wow, sounds like you are really ready. I can't answer about the stroller but I am going to work right up until I am in labor. I can't just sit around at home and wait and I would rather save my leave for time with the baby. It is getting kid of old listening to everyones comments but I figure it is a small price to pay for one more week at home with the little one.

Natalie D said...

Good luck! I worked right up until my due date - the baby came 2 weeks early, I worked the day before. 3 covers sounds like plenty. I get by with 2. The stroller - you can probably get by. I end up using the carseat for everything instead of a bulky stroller - except for running, I needed one asap.

Sadie Jordan said...

I would wait and get the free stroller. You will easily survive for one and half months.

I stopped working 1 week before my due date because that is when my students went on winter break. My baby finally arrived 11 days late. Statistically, the prenancies of American women go 41 weeks and 3 days. I think that you should end the week before your due date. It gave me the time to finish up all the little odds and ends and really feel ready for the baby to arrive. I also cooked up a storm and stored meals in the freezer. They were so nice to have after all the family left, and I had to start cooking again.