Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Shower #2

Yesterday Gary's mom threw me a lovely baby shower at her church reception hall. It was a lot of fun. I am definitely getting to the I'm uncomfortable, irratable now leave me alone stage. So, of course I had fun and I am so lucky/blessed to have such wonderful family friends, but boy was I wooped afterwards. I am pretty much finding that I can really only do 1 thing a day. Most days that's make it through the work day. On Sunday I woke up to magical spring weather and walked the dogs 3 miles before heading to the church at 1 to help set up. People got there at 2 and then we were there until 4:30. So, by the time we got home after 5, I just wanted to curl in a ball and die. Well, okay sleep. I can't believe all the great stuff we got, how can one little baby need all of this! Some of the gifts included a boppy newborn lounger, Rainforest jumparoo, Boppy pack n play, Graco high chair, infant sleep positioner, sheets for the crib and sooo many cute outfits. Girl clothes are so much fun! I put all the cute little dresses and bloomers away and it was so fun going through them all. Will she really wear all this stuff! I feel like we are in pretty good shape, not much else we need.

How cute is Gary's cousin's baby trying out the bopper lounger!


Angela said...

You're almost done! Make sure you plan some good hubby time in before the little one arrives, you'll miss it for a while in the midst of the craziness.

Little girls do have the cutest things...all the boy clothes look the same and the selection is limited. Sounds like you've got great in-laws.

KATIE said...

I agree... the girl clothes are too cute! Enjoy the quiet these last few weeks and be sure to rest as much as you can! Glad to hear that you are just about ready... you will LOVE that Rainforest Jumparoo. It is a lifesaver. Anna Claire wasn't really big enough for it until about 4 1/2 to 5 months - but now she is rockin it! Keep us posted. Good luck! xoxo

Audrey said...

I remember the non-existent energy phase. *smile* You're still looking lovely with your giant baby belly, btw. And that IS a lot of stuff!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Girls clothes are so much more fun! Sounds like you are ready. Now the waiting game really begins. I tried everything to get Zach to come early with no luck so I've got no advice for you. And use your pregnancy at work to your advantage. I once said, "I'm tired, I'm irritable and I'm really pregnant and I am not negotiating this with you anymore." It was a really effective negotiating tool.