Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Can I whine for a little bit? I am miserable today. I woke up this morning and had a sore throat and was all stuffy headed. I just couldn't pull myself out of bed and didn't get up until like 7:30 to leave at 8. I almost called in sick, but am trying to save my days and I had a few meetings today I really couldn't miss. Fonzie decided that this morning would be the morning he totally went wild child and he ran off after a bird and I had to go chase him through multiple yards. Thank goodness I had shoes on. I normally trudge outside in Gary's size 14 flip flops, not the safest i know, but I usually just stand in the driveway while he pees and runs right back in. Anyway I got him back to the house, but knew I was in for a bad day.

I just feel like total crud today. My head hurts, my back aches and I feel like I might just crap my pants at any and every minute, although that hasn't happened. I also think I might have started having braxton hicks contractions. It's not how I would have imagined them, but I am definitely having some stabbing random pains that I can only liken to extremely bad period cramps. Everything combined has made for a very irritable monica today and I had like 5 meetings on my schedule. And after work I have agreed to sit in on a study group a my hospital to discuss prenatal screening. We get a $30 gas card and free Caribou coffee and pastries, why not. But I'd love to just go home and curl into a ball with a heating pad. I have such a hard time believing I will make it to my due date, but if the baby is small as it is, I sure hope I do.

I knew the end would kill me with anticipation. Patience is not a virtue I have. I like to plan, I need to know when things are going to happen and not knowing when this baby is going to get here is going to torture me for the next month. I thought I might get by without braxton hicks, but looks like they are here to torture me too. Although I can't say thye hurt that bad, it's just combined with the back pain they are making it very unpleasant today.

On a more happy note. My coworker knitted me a really pretty afghan for the baby. I have lots of fun plans for the next few days - meeting Sara to walk after work tomorrow, Sat morning meeting friends at the park for them to run, me to walk, then brunch afterwards, movie with Sara Sat afternoon, Sunday I have book club. Good stuff. I am trying to fit as much time with my friends in as I can over the next few weeks. Within reason of course, I am absolutely resting plenty!

UPDATE: Thanks for the concern ladies, but I don't think there's anyway this is real labor. The braxton hicks or whatever they are don't hurt bad enough and have only happened like all of 5 times today.


Audrey said...

Have you timed your stabbing pains/bad cramps? If it doesn't let up I would consider getting checked out, it could be real labor. It just sort of popped in my mind after your comment about "I feel like I might just crap my pants at any and every minute". Because it could be the baby dropped and is pressing on your rear.

What park do you go walking at? I want to go somewhere for long walks with Ev on the next warm day but I'm still sort of boggled for locations around here.

Mama Simmons said...

Well the good news is that you won't be pregnant forever... :)

KBULL said...

I agree with Audrey. Your whole post screams beginning stages of labor to me. You may want to call your doctor =D

Clare said...

yeah, my braxton hicks never hurt...could it be real labor starting?? post again tomorrow!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I was inpatient towards the end as well. It certainly doesn't sound like you are going to go way past your due date like I did. It does sound like the baby has dropped. Sometimes that can last for weeks (not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure).

Angela said...

I'm with a couple of the girls on this one. You just start feeling "crappy", no pun intended. And your entire post reminded me of both days I went into labor...that being said Angela is right too. I stayed 80% and 3cm effaced for 3 weeks with my second son. With the first, I was 60% and 2cm for a couple of weeks as hang tight.

If those pains don't let up, call your doc. Internals can do amazing things, especially if they stripped your membrane without telling you...and if they did have a nice romantic evening with your man and I promise you'll be in labor within 24 hrs!

jessica said...

I meant to comment the other day... I measured small all along, to the point that my doc was convinced I wasn't eating (ha! not even close, lady) but then the numbers caught up in the last 3 weeks.

MS is right -- at least you can't be prego forever. Sounds like a joke, but really, that thought helped me through even the toughest moments of labor.