Tuesday, March 24, 2009

36 weeks

Tomorrow I am 36 weeks. Wowza. I had a doc appt this morning and met with someone I hadn’t seen before and I really liked her! I wished she’d been my doc the whole time, she’s actually a midwife. But again the chances of her, my normal doc or any of the other 2 people I have seen being there the day I give birth is just luck of the draw. I had my first internal in forever, ahhhh I had conveniently forgotten how sucky those are. I am 70% effaced and 1 cm dilated and the baby is completely engaged. Things are ripening as she put it. She measured me and kept getting that I was measuring more like 34 weeks. Then she looked back at my doc notes and it seems I have been consistently measuring small. He never indicated that. She said she’s really not worried since the head is already so low and the baby is active, but she is sending me for an u/s anyway. Of course this scares me a little bit, but I am also so excited to get a look at her so close to being here, I am so curious as to how she is shoved in there. I have thought my weight gain over the last few months didn’t seem quite right. I have basically been more or less the same weight since Feb, but the belly shape has changed and baby is definitely larger. Anyway. I’m sure it’s fine. More time off of work, joy.

This whole lightening/engaged baby thing, whatever you want to call it is so uncomfortable. I can’t even believe the difference in how I feel since the baby has “dropped”. I certainly can’t pinpoint when it happened, but boy do you just know. I feel like she is going to fall out and all the pressure on my bladder and perineum is insane. Who knew you could even feel your perineum. I kept trying to figure out how to describe it, then looked up lightening and on the description it says you will have increased pressure in the bladder and perineum. There you go. I guess webmd doesn’t use the term ‘taint. So, I am totally oompaloompaing down the halls at work now. I have still been trying to walk the dogs 2-3 miles a night. It is tough, at least for the first mile, but they enjoy it and I know it’s good for me and baby. 29 days until due date!


Audrey said...

Where are you going for your OB, if you don't mind my asking? Is it UH or somewhere else?

It's kind of fun reading about your 'dropping' experience since I didn't go through it. Or if I did I was oblivious. It was a shocker when I found out I had been having contractions because it didn't feel like much of anything. I hope you feel more comfortable soon, though.

Nitsirk said...

Wow, sounds like you are already on your way. I am measuring small too but my OB didn't seem at all concerned. I am just as glad I won't be delivering a 10 pounder. I didn't have my first internal until week 38 and she didn't really say anything other than I was making some "progress" and thought I would go close to my due date. Rather vague but I go back Thursday so maybe I will get more info then. Good job on the walking. I have been trying but I have a lot of pelvic bone pain and my lower back kills after about 30 minutes. Very frustrating. I think I might just sit around and eat girl scout cookies until the baby comes ;)

KBULL said...

Wow you're doing great!!! I went into my first labor (that they stopped) at 35 weeks and then did the real deal at 37 weeks 1 day. Not to scare you or anything :)

Think about it-you're a small person, she's just small like Mommy. Makes for an easier birth! But yay for another U/S!!!

justjoshfunk1 said...

Very interesting. Thanks for "enlightening" me on the subject!