Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Is $215 a week expensive for daycare? I have no idea how much this should cost. There is a small baptist church within walking distance from my house. 2 people recommended it to me and told me they love it and the staff are awesome. They have a waiting list, but happen to have an opening for July, when we would be needing daycare. I just don't know how much daycare normally is.


KBULL said...

My daycare is $400 a week!!! Thankfully we have a discount (due to my employer) and it will be $300 a week. $200 a week, walking distance, highly recommended by TWO people, and an opening? TOTAL STEAL!!! TAKE IT AND RUN!

N.D. said...

That does not sound bad. Ours is monthly and it is 1000ish a month so that's more than 215! :) If you like it, go for it!

Clare said...

ohio will be cheaper than ct where i live ($325 a week) it sounds good to me. call around a couple other places, but i agree, if it was recommended and if you've checked it out and like it, take the spot! if you find a better place you can always switch.