Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday doc appt

I had a doc appt at 8:45 this morning. AS usual they made me wait forever. I got irritated after 20 mins and went and asked to be rescheduled at which point, they had another doctor see me. Sheesh. For all of 10 mins. It's hard to be excited for the appt when you have been stewing in the waiting room thinking about how you are going to be even later to work than you anticipated. This was my shortest wait yet at 25 mins, normally it's 45-60 mins. I have contemplated changing practices, but this one is 5 mins from my work and delivers by my house. So, que sera I suppose. But I am so impatient, nothing makes me more upset than waiting.

This new doc pretty much told me I have gained too much weight, which makes me sad. I have struggled with my weight for years and always been a little chunkier than I should have been considering the level of working out I did, training for marathons, biking 80 miles a week, etc. I was about 5-7 lbs overweight when I got preggo, so if you take that into consideration I weight 23 more lbs than I would want to weigh otherwise and I am only 19 weeks along. Yikes. I think I may end up in that 40-50 lbs weight gain category. I really wasn't too upset about the weight gain until the doc said I needed to watch it. Booo. In the scheme of things I know it doesn't matter, but for someone who has to fight to keep a lb off, this just scares me even more about what will come when it's time to get this weight off. I got back Dec 31 for another routine checkup and then Jan 5 to the hospital to see if my placenta moved and hopefully find out the sex!

They opened a new gym by our house, Urban Active. It's not far from our house, but is part of an outdoor mall, so the getting in and out and parking would be a pain in the ass. But get this! If you are a member, it's only $3/time or $15 a month to bring your baby (6wks and up) to the daycare at the gym. Now granted, who the hell knows who is watching your baby, but the guy said everyone who watches the kids is CPR/first aid certified and I'd be in the gym. I thought that was an amazing deal. I said to the guy, what if I want to work out for 3 hours! And he said 2 hours is the limit. I was just joking, I would have thought an hour was. So, I think we will join, it's $800 for the both of us for 18 months, which is pretty cheap. $10 a month cheaper than our current gym, but you have to pay it all up front and cash is a little tight right now with home renovations going on.

We have a lot to do to get our house in order. First piece of business is carpeting our basement, which means hubby has to repair the ceiling drywall and we have to paint the walls first. He started on the drywall yesterday, I hope he gets it finished this week. I am so ready for the basement to be done, so I can move everything out of the 2 bedrooms into the basement while we work on painting those rooms and figuring out what furniture will go where.


theOvulator said...

I'm just going by your profile picture, but you are a tiny little thing. I hope you know that you are one of the healthier pregnant ladies out there, what with your running and exercise routines, and that if you are gaining weight it is only because your baby is getting bigger and so is its support system. I would try very hard to brush off the doc's comments and just maintain your healthy routine. I think that OBs just like to put the fear of God in pregnant ladies to make sure they don't fall victim to that Hollywood fantasy that "Oh, I'm pregnant I can eat whatever I want now and it will magically disappear after I have the baby."

Also, aren't home repairs nightmares? I cringe every time I see the walls where the wallpaper came off. We're still trying to get the glue off the walls, but it's slow going.

N.D. said...

I don't know how you've gained too much weight. You are so tiny!!! I would just continue to not worry about it otherwise you are going to stress out. If you were eating everything in site and not working out, that's one thing, but you aren't. That's great about the gym, ours has daycare too, but like you said, who knows who is watching the kid. Luckily its only an hour or 2. How did they determine when to check the sex again? Hope they get it this time!