Monday, December 29, 2008

Is it 2009 yet?

Okay holidays are over...well we still have one more visit with G's mom. I am honestly not a very big fan of the holidays and am glad to have them behind me (just too much rush, money and chaos). It was wonderful to see my family though. I always love to get to spend time with my mom and sister Tina and her hubby Tim, but this year was extra special b/c my other sister Melanie and her hubby and kids were in town. They moved to SC awhile back and we just don't see each other enough. So, it was awesome to see them and spend time together. But back to reality. I am glad we have a short work week this week, that will be nice. I have a monthly doc appt on Wed. I plan to talk to him about any ideas to help with the fact that my back is killing me. Hopefully he will have some ideas on some things to try to alleviate the low back aches. My eating has been out of control lately, so I am going to make a conscious effort to cut back on sugar starting tomorrow. Holiday junk be gone!


N.D. said...

My eating has been horrible too!! I'm looking forward to getting back on a routine and also having this baby to hold so that I can get back on a good diet plan!!!

jessica said...

ooow, sorry to hear about the lower back issues. with my stupid scoliosis, my usual remedies were hard to achieve while pregnant. i did notice though that my muscles sort of went through cycles of catching up every few weeks, giving me a little relief now and then. hope the doc can help.

Clare said...

the back hurt me too. i should've gone to a chiropractor but didn't. ended up spending a lot of time with pillows behind lower back or else reading/playing on the computer with my knees on the floor and my upper body on the couch, letting the belly hang down. looked silly, felt good!