Wednesday, April 15, 2009

39 weeks

I made it another week. I made it to 39. I guess I should take another belly shot, but the belly is pretty unremarkable since she dropped. It is much smaller than before. It's really freaky though when she moves a certain way some part of her, I believe it's her little toosh gets right under my belly button and sticks out so far it hurts. I don't like that. She doesn't move much anymore, but when she does, it's definitely big sweeping changes of position and it doesn't feel so great. She seems to like (or maybe hate) bath time, the position of sitting or the warm water in the tub seems to rouse her. I am not a bath taker. I hate baths, something about sitting in dirty water and I never feel like the tub is clean. Anyway since the back pain started last Friday I have been taking baths like its my job. It's the only time my back doesn't hurt. I did break down and take some tylenol last night b/c after taking the dogs for a walk I just wanted to cry b/c of the back pain, it helped.

So, obviously no baby yet. I did lose part of my mucus plug I believe. At least I finally saw some darker discharge that came out in little chunks (sorry Josh :) ). That was on Monday night. On Tuesday I was at work and I went to go pee....and I stood up and I am used to a little trickle so I am prepared for that, but instead I got a huge gush, it was awful. For a minute I of course thought my water broke (searching for signs aren't I!) b/c you read so often about people's water breaking when they were going to the bathroom. But I had to run to a meeting. The whole time I sat in the meeting trying to figure out if I was still leaking or if it was just my soggy underwear :) It was awful. Ahhhh the indignities of pregnancy, aren't you glad I share too much! In the afternoon around 2 I had another pretty intense contraction and then another about 20 mins later and then another! I though oh maybe maybe please let this be it. I'd say I had 4-5 over 2 hours and I was feeling very nauseous and kind of spaced out. So, I figured just in case I'd head home, so I left work about an hour early. Got home and snuggled down with the dogs in bed had another 2-3 between 4 & 6 and then nothing, nada. So frustrating. I never understood how people turned to home remedies like nipple tweaking and raspberry tea and sex with their hubbies (the horror!), but I get it now. I am so ready for her to make her appearance.

We've been talking about names more and more. Gary really like Harper, I really like Magnolia and Eleanore. I can't wait to see her little face and get the name figured out. I sat in my glider in her bedroom last night, I really love our nursery. I am so thankful my sister is so talented and we were able to make such a lovely little room.


Audrey said...

Do you have a belly brace (also known as a maternity support belt)? It's a bit late in the game, I know, but one of those could help your back pain tremendously.

KBULL said...

I can't believe you're still working at 39 weeks-you're a SUPERSTAR!!! My professional belly shots were taken after she dropped and you're right, they don't show the full enormity of the situation! I too hate baths for all the reasons you laid out but during pregnancy I was the bath taking queen. Be prepared, they're going to want you to take a 15 minute bath everyday for a month after you give birth-it helps you heal-you only get 3-4 inches of water though :(

N.D. said...

sounds like you are looking out for everything. BUt she is holding out. Hang in there! try to get sleep and go out to dinner!

Angela said...

sending positive thoughts and pep talks for the little one...hang in there.