Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tips please

Okay ladies I need a few tips on this breastfeeding. How in the world do you control the other boob when she's feeding on the opposite one? My milk squirts everywhere and we are making such a freaking mess. Also, do you have to use breast pads in your bra forever or does this milk eventually calm down? If I so much as look at my nipple it comes squirting out, which is great for parlor tricks, but no so much for day to day life! I feel like we both need a bath by the end of feeding time. Also, do any of you have lazy suckers? Harper does great for about 5-10 mins and then loses interest. I know I am making enough milk b/c it is dripping out everywhere. But she is still hungry after the boob and will drink about 2 oz supplemental (either breast pumped or formula) in a bottle. My doc has me cutting back the amount of supplemental, so do I just have faith that once the bottles are totally gone she will be hungry enough to pay more attn to the boobs?

Here's Harper fine tuning her thumbs sucking skills:


Mamaw said...


Audrey said...

You're squirting so much because you've got so much milk in there. Once she starts eating a lot, or you start pumping a lot, there will be less in there and less leaking.

As far as the leaking while feeding issue, you could wear a nursing bra and put a pad in one side while unlatching the other to feed OR you could attach your pump to one side and pump while she eats from the other side so you're saving up the milk instead of "losing" it.

Good luck with the breastfeeding!

jessica said...

i felt like i was swimming in milk at first -- it was frustrating to be constantly soaked!

it wasn't that i was pumping/feeding too little though, it was that my body needed a little time to sync up with his appetite (which took a few weeks to find a routine). if you pump just to keep up with leakage, you're actually going to stimulate more production when it isn't needed.

i kept folded terry washcloths around to stuff in the off side when feeding (it helped that they were big enough provide a little compression to slow things down). the need for bra pads dwindled after two-three months.

it amazes me how eventually things get into a groove and there's just enough milk ready at just the right time. i don't feel like we have a rigid routine, but the boobs sure let me know when things are mixed up!

Angela said...

Ryan was a very lazy nurser...we did cold clothes, tickling toes, taking off clothes and even thumping heels to keep him attentive.

As far as the extra milk, I don't think you should pump the other breast so much but I think Audrey is on to something if you just attach the pump so that if the milk squirts you can capture it and not waste it.

Jessica is right though, it will take your body a little while to adjust...trusting your body is the biggest obstacle with breast feeding. That's why many women stop. Hang in there.

Chelsea said...

I SWEAR by these pads:


They are so worth the money!!! It will get better and you have a lot of great advice here!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Oh my goodness. She's so little and cute. It seems so long ago. Almost makes me want another one now. Almost.

I just last week stopped wearing pads in my bra everyday to work. And my one side still realeases a little when I pump or Zach feeds on the other side but it is just a little release. I remember the days of the other side squirting everywhere. That will get better over time.

Also, don't waste your money on disposable pads (I use them for working out because you just sweat right through the washable pads. Just by maxi pads and cut them up. They work just as well.

Natalie D said...

I think she'll just be better at it w/o the supplements, and I keep the other boob covered when I'm feeding off the one and use washable pads. It gets better though and doesn't go everywhere once your supply gets established or what not!

Clare said...

your boobs really do figure it all out after a month or two. yeah, it's just incredibly messy in the beginning...that was the worst part!! i still use breast pads at work just in case (leaking in front of a class of 14 year olds? no thanks) but generally don't need them anymore. the let down/squirting thing WILL ease up...really!!! harper seems very advanced with her thumb skills!!

jsmarslender said...

The others offer good advice. Avoid too much pumping. To be honest, I feel better reading the others' comments too. Early into breastfeeding, I thought my boobs were either hilarious or rebellious. I had no idea how long it would take for my milk supply to even out, matching Claire's appetite. It does happen so you can trust that. I also found that hemp cloth diapers are super absorbent and used those folded over and tucked under my shirt during nursing.

Stick with it! Good luck!

justjoshfunk1 said...

That is so cute! She already knows how to listen! She's so smart.

Once again, I have nothing on the squirty boob thing.

They really just squirt on their own?


N.D. said...

I saw your post on angela's blog - you pump until it seems like there is nothing left in there and your boob feels soft!

prashant said...

side while unlatching the other to feed OR you could attach your pump to one side and pump while she eats from the other side so you're saving up the milk instead of "losing" it.
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