Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend countdowns

I have so few weekends left it's mind boggling. It's so wierd to be in such a hurry for something to be over, yet so scared for the day to come. I cannot say that I am the bit excited about giving birth. Of course I want to meet my baby, but pushing it out of my vagina scares the bageesus out of me. Anyway, I had a productive weekend and got a lot of stuff marked off my to do list. I got up early on Sat and ran a ton of errands, which translated into spending a ton of money, ugh. The dogs and I took 3 half mile walks, it was really nice and sunny out, but a little cold. I went iwth a friend to do a home visit for the rescue group we work for, that took up a good chunk of the day. That night G and I ran some returns from the baby shower to Kohls and got chinese carryout and lounged around watching tv. I slept in both days. Well stayed in bed until 9 at least, but Fonzie had us both up around 7, that little shit is sure on a schedule. Today we went and rejoined Costco and bulked up on paper goods. It looks like diapers will be a lot cheaper there too. Of course I am trying the whole cloth diaper thing, but you can get 200 disposable diapers for $40 at Costco. Good to know. This afternoon we went to an easter party at one of his relatives house. I ate way too much and am now exhausted. There will be nothing more than watching tv in bed tonight. Ohhhhhh just a few more weeks of that.


Clare said...

i hated it when people said to me, "enjoy the last few weeks, once the baby comes...blah blah blah." so hard to enjoy when you're so eager to meet the kid. so close!!! i can't wait to read your birth story and "meet" your daughter too!!

Natalie D said...

I was really scared too - you'll be fine! it will go quick and you'll forget the pain like 2 seconds later

Jeff9 said...

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