Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Twenty Second Percentile

That sounds better than 15% right? We had the follow up u/s today and it went fine. She has gained weight, estimated to be at 6.4 lbs right now and is in the 22.8% range. No need to induce. Sheeww. Not that I really thought it would come to that, but its good to know for sure. We got to see her face, not a great clear shot, but the u/s tech pointed out that she had chubby cheeks.

So now I just sit and wait. Ugh. I hate this. 14 days until my due date. This is literally torture to me. Anyone who knows me in real life can appreciate that. I am horribly impatient and hate surprises. I am very punctual and like everything to be on a time line. Hey I'm a project manager for a living. If I could force this pregnancy into a Microsoft project plan format I would. Yes, yes, I know this will have to change after baby. But this right here, the sitting around and waiting for my vagina to explode, I don't like it one bit! I'll say I loved the first 8 months of pregnancy, this last one can suck it. I am hobbling like an old lady b/c every morning my left knee and hip and shoulder hurt so bad from the weight of sleeping on them, I am second guessing every twinge and pain in my belly and nether regions expecting labor to begin, I am constantly peeing and pooping and checking my undies for some big mucusy surprise that may never come, I can't concentrate or even pretend to care at work anymore. I hate this! I just want to be done, I want her here and I want this over. But then again....dreading labor. So I know I should just take it slow and try to enjoy these last few weeks. It's just kind of hard when everything pretty much hurts and all you want to do is lay around and watch tv with the dogs. That gets old after a few hours. Although I did succesfully organize my closet last night and pack my hospital bag and Gary put together the baby swing. I also have washed both dogs over the course of the last few days. So, some items are coming off my to do list.


justjoshfunk1 said...

Glad to hear everything went well today!

Clare said...

she'll be perfect. nothing wrong with small considering where she's coming out of, eh? just 2 weeks!! hope she's a bit early so you don't go nuts!

Natalie D said...

you can do it!! hang in there! try to rest , go to dinner and kiss your husband (he'll be neglected soon!)

Angela said...

Some women don't even notice the mucus plug because it can leak out slowly and not all at once...big glob with Ryan and just little stuff here and there with Brayden.

I think you should have a very romantic evening with Gary and remember why you are having this baby to begin with (because you love your husband). He'll be missing the loving for a while.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Oh man, I totally remember what you are going through (and then I was 10 days late). All I can tell you is that once she comes the memories of the last month fade quickly.

And she sounds perfectly healthy. Seems everyone I know who has had a girl has been somewhere in the 6 pound range.

And I didn't lose my plug until I was in the hospital.

Nitsirk said...

The last couple of weeks were the worst. I was ready to kill the next person who said "are you ready?" Hang in there. I didn't lose my mucus plug until my water broke which all happened prior to having any contractions so don't plan on everything going "by the book."