Friday, April 3, 2009


Hi bloggy friends. Due to concerns over my tiny baby, I went for a non stress test this morning. The results of that were great. The baby decided to be hella active and her heart rate did everything it should. So, what does this all mean? Nothing really. I am happy to know her HR is good and the midwife said I seem to have one really active baby on my hands which indicates she shouldn’t be in any stress in there. But until I go back Wed and we find out if she has grown, I won’t know if I am getting induced. I am not really stressing too much over all of this. I did for a few days, but I know we are more than likely fine, so why waste the energy. The midwife went back over the u/s findings with me and although she is in the 15% she was estimated at 5.5 lbs, so I have to imagine she’ll be at least 6 when she gets out into the world.

Boy am I tired today. For the past 4-5 days I have been waking up at like 3 or 4 am just totally wide awake. I lay there not wanting to move b/c I don’t want to rouse the dreadful sleeping puppy who will surely want me to take him outside. I keep thinking I’ll fall back asleep and then I don’t And then I keep thinking maybe I should get up do something, but then I never do. So I fall back asleep around 5. Gary gets up at 5:28 (yes 28) so that doesn’t do me much good b/c his alarm goes off and I am up again. Then I snuggle back down, but toss and turn and don’t really ever go back to sleep when my alarm goes off at 7. Such a lovely cycle. Could this be the nesting instinct telling me to organize my closet at 3 am? If so, why can’t it hit at 5pm!

On another pregnancy related note. I think I had some contractions yesterday. I haven’t had Braxton hicks that I know of. Although I wonder if what I think is the baby moving is really BH sometimes. But yesterday morning I just was feeling weird and off and my belly was doing funky things. The I was in a meeting and it was like everything seized up and my belly got hard as a rock and boy did it hurt. Then I went to stand up and walk back to my cube and it didn’t stop and I was all hunched over b/c I didn’t feel like I could stand up straight. After the bad hurt, it kind of faded, but took a little while. This happened twice. But then it hasn’t happened since. Weird huh?

I am so glad it’s Friday. No matter how you cut it I only have like 2, 3 MAX full weeks of work left. I am so ready to be out of here.


Angela said...

mother nature has a funny way of preparing you for the first few months...waking in the middle of the night, just getting you ready.

It does sound like BH you've been having. Things are well on their way. Glad the baby is doing well.

Kick your feet up this weekend!

Mama Simmons said...

I know its hard not to worry, but just do your best to relax and trust that your body knows what to do in growing and delivering this baby. Moana was born at 6lbs 7 oz and was/is completely healthy, so a little small will just make your delivery easier. ;)

Angela and David Kidd said...

I went through the same no sleep cycling at the end of my pregnancy. It drove me crazy. Hope you enjoy your weekend! I don't think you'll be at work for three more weeks.

jessica said...

Yay for the good stress test results!

I thought the no-sleep thing was so very cruel, but it really does get you used to operating on less rest. Just consider it "training" :)

Nitsirk said...

My baby was measuring small at 32 weeks and ended up 8.5 lbs at delivery so you never know. As for the BH contractions, I thought I didn't have any but looking back I was totally having them. My water broke before I had any actual contractions so there is no predicting what will happen. I was positive I was going to be a week or so past my due date. Go figure. Hang in there and rest up. I honestly have never been this tired in my life and miss what I thought constituted a bad nights sleep 2 weeks ago :)