Friday, April 17, 2009

Grounded until she's on solid foods

I am grounding this baby until she is on solid foods, whats that about 7/8 months old. I can't believe I am at work on Friday. If you had told me last Friday when I was doubled over in the mall from back spasms/contractions that I would make it a whole another week at work I would have laughed in your face. I knew this baby was coming out. Yet here I sit. Yesterday was almost pain free aside from some nauseating heartburn, and so far today I got out of bed and ready for work a lot easier than I have earlier in the week. Bah. I'm also sleeping pretty solidly, only getting up twice the past 2 nights to hit the bathroom. Crazy. I am staring my due date in the face, I have 5 days to go. Yes I know that most people are overdue with their first. I'm fine with that, I am just scared to death of being induced and every day I get closer to my due date that's an inch closer to the doc saying we should just induce me. And b/c I am so sick of this I doubt I'll put up much fight. Or he might want to sweep my membranes, which aside from the possible health issues, just grosses me out and I don't look forward to that pain. I know I am over thinking all of this, but I'm sure all of you did too, you just might not have journaled as neurotically about it :)

Maybe Harper/Magnolia/Elise/Elanore/Ruby will make her debut this weekend. If not, I think I am just going to work through the 22nd, which is my due date... I have a doc appt that day, I'll get an internal and unless nothing has changed; I think I'll just throw in the towel as far as trying to save my days off. I don't want to be here, I am not being productive and maybe if I lay around at home things would be more likely to get started.


Angela and David Kidd said...

I ended up throwing in the towel and making my due date my last day at work. I really enjoyed that time off. Long walks and just relaxing before my life was totally turned upside down. Glad you are at least in less pain in the final days. Good luck.

N.D. said...

Well the 22nd is real close! I know everyday seems like a month. Just think how fun it is going to be when she' here. Which name is the front runner? Are you waiting to look at her! Come out little one!

Clare said...

i had my membranes stripped and went into labor the next day. really not so painful (ha ha, at least nothing like labor!).

jessica said...

Maybe look at it this way -- if she's so patient and laid back now, maybe she'll be that easygoing when she's out too :) I thought Hank was a little goober for waiting until his due date ("late" for me, since Lola was 4 weeks early), but man am I glad now that he is that relaxed about everything!

Angela said...

They stripped my membranes with Ryan (didn't tell me they were) and I was in labor 15 hours later. That was at 37 weeks.

With Brayden they stripped my membranes at my request at 39 weeks and I was in labor 18 hours later.

It really didn't hurt, I didn't even realize she had done it the first time. The only thing I noticed was BH contractions for a few hours right after they did it.

jsmarslender said...

My doctor was anxious to induce but I did stand firm on waiting. Which is difficult because by that point you're just tired of being pregnant and really want to meet your little one. I also worked to my due date and called it good. You'll appreciate having a bit of time to rest before the baby comes.

Love the names you have. Do you think you'll just know when you see her?