Saturday, April 25, 2009

Doc recheck

We had a follow up with our ped today and the jaundice is gone. Yahoo. Also she is just an ounce below her birth weight. I've been supplementing with the formula, but the doc and I discussed and he gave me a plan to get her off the formula/bottle/pump cycle. Basically I will boob first until she loses interest, then give her 2 oz of follow up milk (breast or formula), every 4 days I will drop that follow up milk an ounce until it is gone completely. Right now I can only get her to latch with the nipple shield, but starting Tuesday I will go to the boob circle group and hopefully the lactation consultant can help get me past that, but I'm much more interested in getting off the pump cycle than I am worried about the shield. I hope to get her just exclusively on the boob, then do that for a few weeks before I re-introduce bottle of breast milk, I mean I am not going to be the one to feed her everytime. Ahh it's all so complicated! Good thing I am such a big fan of lists and plans!

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Angela and David Kidd said...

"boob circle group" - I don't know why but that made me laugh. Sounds like things are well!