Friday, April 24, 2009

Home sweet home

Yeah we are home. We got home Wed night around 8 pm. Harper has a mild case of jaundice, so they made us stay a day after the neurologist to getting her eating, pooping, peeing, etc. I guess they thought we'd just go home and stop feeding her, sheesh. They had me start her on some formula since my milk wasn't in and they were concerned with how much she was eating. So, we did a day of that and whatever I could pump and got our walking papers. We went to her pediatrician on Thurs morning and her jaundice is getting better, we go back Sat for a recheck. She only has a mild case.
Everything is right with the world. She is such a little cutie. I just adore her. She loves starting and me and Gary and makes the funniest faces when she is awake. Mostly she is asleep. We are doing tummy time right now and she went on her first walk today. I walked a mile, it was fine, but I could feel that my core aches when we got back. Oooh the work I have to do. Don't even want to think about it. Today I start cutting out all the excess sugar I have unfortunately allowed myself.
My milk is in, but she's a lazy eater. I can only get her to latch on with a nipple shield at this point. Our eating routine is boob first, usually she'll do that for about 20-30 mins then lose interest, then on to a bottle of pumped breast milk ( I usually have about 1-1.5 ounces in that), then on to these little similac 2 oz bottles they gave me from the NICU. Its such a lonnngggg process. But I am glad she'll take the boob even if it's with a shield. I will worry about breaking that habit later. I plan to attend a breastfeeding group at the hospital starting next Tuesday until we are just boobin it. She has a really good latch, she just doesn't eagerly got at and she can't seem to get my nip without the shield.
I also plan to go to a new moms group starting next week that they have near my house.
Tired, I will blog more in the coming weeks I am sure, but for now even though we do nothing, it seems like we're constantly busy. You all know how it is. I have to make sure to blog though so my sisters can see all the updated info on their newest niece!


KBULL said...

Oh Mon-she's adorable! Nursing group and Mom's group will be great-good for you! When you're up to being on the computer I have a new blog (I quit ck) I plan to put lots of my tips and tricks up there for new moms!

Clare said...

bfeeding gets easier! and quicker, i remember those days when it took 45 min to feed her...i had to keep wet paper towels around to wake her up enough to keep sucking, but the bigger they get the easier. we supplemented a bit at the beginning too (though i never pumped, good for you for starting that early) and it takes some faith when you quit to believe they're eating enough...but she will!! and harper's a beauty!

Christine said...

shes beautiful!!! Love the name Harper! Glad the epi wasn't tooooo bad!

Mama Simmons said...

Awesome! I bet it feels GREAT to be home with Harper! She's so cute! And I'm with Clare... I totally remember how long it used to take to feed Moana. We did the same thing (breast, pumped milk, then formula) in the beginning and feedings were like an hour+.

Hope you're getting some sleep while she's sleeping, bc pretty soon she'll sleep less during the days. And so good to get hooked up with a group of new moms. I think support from other moms has been a HUGE help to me over the last few months.

N.D. said...

She is adorable!!! it is a long process and will get better for sure!!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

The feeding will get easier, I promise. And that's great that you have some mom groups to attend. I regret not doing something like that.

prashant said...

it takes some faith when you quit to believe they're eating enough...but she will!! and harper's a beauty!
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